April 29, 2009

Dot Net Certification Details: Microsoft MCTS(70-528, 70-536), MCP , MCPD (70-547), MCSE, MVP AND MCSD

.net certification or Microsoft certification exams are very confusing. Every aspirant has to search a lot to demystified the best exams etc. Here in next few paragraph i am going to demystify Microsoft Certification .net 2.0
In .net Microsoft offers many categories
Microsoft .net Certification 2.0 Retiring June 2011.
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MCTS - The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. its comes under .net 2.0 certification. This is the fresh exam and do not require any previous exams to clear it. So a new developer can start from this exam.

Following are the specialization and exams under those

.NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications

one has to pass the following examinations:

* Exam 70–536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation

* Exam 70–528: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development

.NET Framework 2.0 Windows Applications

one has to pass the following examinations:

* Exam 70–536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation

* Exam 70-526: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Windows-Based Client Development

.NET Framework 2.0 Distributed Applications
one has to pass the following examinations:

* Exam 70–536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation

* Exam 70–529: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 – Distributed Application Development

MCPD -Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

It also comes under .net 2.0 certification
this is next step to the MCTS, so to clear it you firstly need to have MCTS in your tally
Folloings are .NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.

Professional Developer: Web Developer
* Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
* Exam 70-547: PRO: Designing and Developing Web Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework

Professional Developer: Windows Developer
Following examinations:

* Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Applications
* Exam 70–548: PRO: Designing and Developing Windows Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework

Professional Developer: Enterprise Applications Developer
Following examinations:

* Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
* Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Windows Applications
* Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Distributed Applications
* Exam 70–549: PRO: Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications by Using the
Microsoft .NET Framework

MCP Microsoft Certified Professional. Person having any ms certification is called MCP

MVP Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This does not require any exam. It is related with how you contributed in the microsoft communties or any site that promote ms technologies. You could be MVP of any of the these c#,asp.net,web services,word,excel,

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April 27, 2009

Sync Google Calender with iPhone, outlook, blackberry using Itunes, Get Calender alterts through free SMS

Google calender is very effective and time saving tool. we can sync multiple devices including your smartphone using it.
you can sync outlook,iPhone,blackberry calenders very easily. Google support ics format which is an rfc standard(www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt), it helps it to synch with various devices.

Google and Outlook Sync :- Two ways to do this.
  • Manual
  • Automatically.
Manual :- In manual way you need to export the calender in to .ics format.
google calender will automatically do that for you in zipped format, just extract that.
Now go to outlook file->import export...
now a wizard will appear , select "Import icalender or vCalender file" , select the"ics" file it will import all the scheduleds to your calender.

Automatic :- you need to download this small utility approx 300kb from the following address.
  1. install it according to the instruction,
  2. Give your google username, password
  3. Set the option whether you want one way or both way sync
  4. set the interval in which you want to sync the calender
the tool will stay in your taskbar and sync the calender both way.

Google Calender,Outlook and IPhone Sync :- different ways exists.

1. iPhone can be sync with the outlook using the apple iTunes. so use the above steps to sync outlook and google calender then sync iPhone with the outlook using iTunes.
2. m.google.com/sync.

Google calender and Orkut. if you are using the Google calender. Orkut will automatically shows you a Orkut friends calender on your profile page. It contains the birthday of all of friends who's birthday are visible(you can also hide your bday on orkut). just click on it it will add the calender to your google calender.
There is no way to export this calender as its view only. but you can add the event from this calender to your calender. click on the event, a new window will open select "copy to your {calender name}" option from dropdown. Its tedious process because no bulk copy option is there.

SMS your event to Cellphone :- Yes you can. suppose your phone is not smart

enough to sync with the calender form google or outlook. But still you could be up to date using the sms notification option from The Google calender.
first you need to setup your mobile device click on setting just blow the name of your calender. you will see a option mobile setup. just follow the steps.
now click on dropdown as shown by A arrow in the snapshot and select calender settings and select notification tab as show in the Snapshot(ss). now configure it. Yes its free in my country(India). check your operator http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=37226&ctx=tltp and confirm whether receiving sms are charged or not.

Sharing & embedding. You can share and import other's shared calender in your google calender. just click on the A dropdown as the pic and select share the calender. you can make it public or protected via sharing it to some of your friends. same way you can import calender of your friends for any public calender.

if any help required just comment

April 23, 2009

BookMyShow(online movie ticket booking site) issues.

BookMyShow (A network 18 Venture) is a popular and user Friendly site & i guess one of mostly used after PVR or equivalent. In past i booked many tickets when there was offer of free tickets :)
But technically its weak site. I found many glitches on the site.
Bug 1:
Tickets are available there But user see no ticket available.
With bug1 company can loose potential customer to other sites.

you can create situation where sites will have tickets, but users will see no tickets.

e.g Suppose Gold category has A-1 to A10, B1-B10,

1.Customer A comes to site at 1:00 he want to books 10 tickets and he select the tickets, the website now will not allow others to book those 10 tickets up to 12-15 min irrespectively whether he make the transaction or not.
he marks b1-b10 for booking.

2. Another customer B comes to site @ 1:05 and try to book the tickets for the same movie, same hall. he also want to book 10 tickets. He check that b1-b10 are not available but a1-a10 are available.

3. customer C come to the site @ 1:07 and try to book 5 tickets. he gets the msg that tickets are not available.

now customer though the tickets are not available. now he got two choices.
Either go to another booking site
Check another hall.
The same situation may be with other halls.

so he could spoil his plan to see the movie. so its loss for three entities.

Hall owner.

by chance if customer see tickets are available on other sites. What will be reputation of the site.

So with a little script anybody can show every user that tickets are not available for whole day. A small script or macro will do that.

Bug 2:
Even though bookmyshow allows you to book non-consecutive tickets when consecutive are available.
But when site does not have consecutive, it will not allow to book,Even the no of tickets are available. But site show a message that "tickets are not available please call the particular no. Customer may or may not call. So again tickets are available but customer is unable to book.

Other online movie ticket booking web sites:

Kyazoonga.com (Movies, Cricket, Events)
pvrcinemas.com(Delhi NCR,

download video you just watched without requesting server

Video/Audio/Sound/MP3 download/watching is very resource consuming. You Bandwidth, memory and time.
but some times when you watch a video on the internet and after that you think you want to download the that video but issue is you again need bandwidth and time to download that video.
But you can download the video you just watched/streamed on your computer without requesting the server again. so it will save your time and bandwidth.
e.g you watched a video IPL 2 cricket match. its size is 30 mb. after watching it you want to store it in your mobile or computer.
you just have to use flashGot plugin in your mozilla firefox browser. it store your stream data. you need to just click on the icon. it will download the data to a file. it its already streamed but its half the way, it will request only rest of the video rather then full video.


April 22, 2009

How consolidate different Rss Feeds Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes - a good hosted service. Its not very popular. But its very useful. 
it was started in 7/feb/2007. Its graphical user interface to
 aggregate rss feeds,atoms, cvs, xml,  web pages, and others. it allows you to  creating web apps from various sources

A lot of filters and option exist there to filter the feeds for particular keyword, author. you can sort, remove, filter and add.

e.g you want feeds from various feeders or site. but want to remove duplicate or article having particular description
Yes, you can do with the pipes

2. you want to add some your information to a particular story. Pipes can do it.

3. you want to add photo from the flickr to a particular story. Yes you can do it.

4. you can filter articles using regular expressions.

5. you can limit the no of output articles.

6. you can filter articles of particular date.

7. you can get input from the user for dates or any keyword

you can create small sites using pipes or could add various good articles and sources to you website , increase in traffic.


A awesome practical example : using google and yahoo pipes.

csharp(c#) customizing Date time format using toString, for display gridview and database storage

Problem 1: how to display date time in 24 hour format
solution : DateTime.Now.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH-mm-ss");
Note:Captial HH is used for 24 hour format.
small for 12 hour format

Problem 2: how to display am/pm in date time or 12 hour format time.

Solution : DateTime.Now.ToString
("hh-mm-ss tt");
Key: "tt" for AM or PM

Problem 3: how to display time zone in date time.
Solution : DateTime.Now.ToString("hh-mm-ss tt zzz");
Note: zzz is used to display time zone.

Problem 4: how to show full month name in date.
Solution: DateTime.Now.ToString

Problem 5: how to format full day name in date.

Solution : DateTime.Now.ToString
note: MMMM

Problem 6: how to format full year name in date.
Solution: DateTime.Now.ToString
note: yyyy

Problem 7: how to reduce/subtract date or days

solution : DateTime.Now.AddDays(-10)

for converting date retrieved from database, firstly convert the column to dateTime and use above techniques.

for details of the above solution, you can read followings.....

In C# DateTime class is used to represent the date & time. But for the display purpose on the front end either on

1 data Grid View (GridView / DataGrid) (as by default time field is shown or you want to show in particular format)
2. labels,
3 storing in the database

in to a particular format
for all the above scenario we need to change the date & time format.
as some need only examples and others full details, i will firstly give examples.


In Grid view we have two ways to show colums

1. Bound Column
2. Template fields
in both we show date format differently.
Bound Field:

<:BoundField DataField="BirthDate" DataFormatString="{0:d}" HeaderText="BirthDate" SortExpression="BirthDate" >
<HeaderStyle BackColor="Green" Font-Names="Verdana" />
here DataFormatString="{0:d}" is used to format the date.
"d:" is standard format already defined in c# library,( For details standard format read full article)

here all specifier are case sensitive.
Template fields:
as we know template fields can be bind using
Eval and Bind functions.
Difference: The Eval function is used to define one-way (read-only) binding. The Bind function is used for two-way (updatable) binding.

to format a date with any of the above method following syntax is used.
'<asp :Label ID="lblDate" runat="server"
'<%# Eval("CreationDate", "{0:dd-MM-yyyy}") %>'>

<asp :Label ID="lblDate1" runat="server"
Text='<%# Bind("CreationDate", "{0:dd-MM-yyyy}") %>'>
How it works....
DateField..ToString() is used to convert a datetime object to specific format. Internally gridview call this method.

C-sharp comes with two type of format specifier.
  1. Standard
  2. Custom
1. Standard date Format Specifier.
format of these are already defined in the libary.

dt.ToString("y") will show "January, 2009"
Caution now if you want only "9" you will have to prefix a % to interpret it as custom specifier e.g dt.ToString("%d");

other specifiers are.
  • d 1/1/2009
  • D Thursday, January 01,2009
  • t 8:59 PM
  • T 8:59:59 PM
  • f Thursday, January 01,2009 8:59 PM
  • F Thursday, January 01,2009 8:59:59 PM
  • g 1/1/2009 8:59 PM
  • 1/1/2009 8:59:59 PM
Custom format specifiers
if standard specifier are not working for your requirement. use custom format specifier.

when you are using single custom format specifier you need to append either '%' or surround the specifier with spaces e.g ' d ' . else it will collide with the Standard date Format Specifier and you will get wrong/different format.
for Day %d dd ddd dddd 01 thu thurday
for Year %y yy yyyy
Result 9 09 2009
for Month %M MM MMM MMMM
Result: 1 01 Jan January
for Hour %h hh H HH
result: 8 08 20 20
for minute %m mm
Result: 59 59
for Sec %s ss
result: 59 59
AM PM : tt
Result: PM
Time zone: zzz
Result +05:30

for e.g changing form 12 hrs format to 24 hours format or some time you want to show full year name, full month name.


Different databases have different format for storing the date. so it needs to be change.
e.g: like sqlserver, oracle, mysql and postgresql store the date in following format yyyy-mm-dd.
oracle- mm/dd/yyyy etc.

for these purposes C# has provided many format strings.
Example: 1-jan-2009 08-59-59 PM
how to create a DateTime Object. This date object will be used for all the example below.

DateTime dt = new DateTime(2009,01,01,20,59,59);
//Parameters order wise

The year (1 through 9999).
The month (1 through 12).
The day (1 through the number of days in month).

The hours (0 through 23).
The minutes (0 through 59).
The seconds (0 through 59).
  1. Now to format string date as 20-January-2009
    Caution: for Month capital M is used.
  2. Now to get the short day name of date and short month name
    dt.ToString("ddd-MMM-yyyy"); //Thu-Jan-2009
  3. To display data in AM PM format. //08-59-59 PM
    dt.ToString("hh-mm-ss tt"); . //08-59-59 PM
    Caution: small "m", small h and "tt" for AM or PM
    HH capital H is used to display time in 24 hour format.
Culture also play role while formatting the dates.
by default CLR picks running thread's culture. you can also specify the differnt culture while formatting the string. My system has default culture en-US.

April 20, 2009

Use iphonse as USB external storage for copying/storing files

iPhone got very big storage space like 8gb/16gb/24gb. 24 gb ipod or upcoming Iphone :) as rumour says.

i used to carry my kingstone 4 gb pendrive. and also used to though how to utilise iPhone storage space. i search a lot and got some solution like wifi file transfer using some ftp. but did not like it. as you do not get it everywhere the configuration problems

then i come across diskAid. with it you can copy file to iphone/Ipod and from it to the computer disk. it comes for both windows and mac.
DiskAid is a freeware for PC / Mac which enables to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as external Disk. With DiskAid you can transfer files and folders via USB between your device and your pc
it can be downloaded from "www.digidna.net/diskaid/"

if your phone is jail-broken then only above utility is enough.

if you do not want to jailbreak your contractual phone. just spend $5 and purchase fileaid (www.digidna.net/fileaid/) its from same vendor.

with above tools you have 24gb space in your pocket. use it. Another reason to buy Iphone

Attempting to copy the disk "iphone" failed. an unknown error ocurred (-53)

Attempting to copy the disk iphone failed. an unknown error occurred (-53) (-69) (-36) (-54) (-51) (-48).

This is rare problem that occurs in Iphone. but very difficult to resolve if you don't know the reason. with this problem copy songs to iphone or ipod problem occurs. ie. you will be unable to copy songs or video to this amazing gadget. but itunes will sync calender, outlook and contacts but songs.


According to my experience. it occurs when itunes_control directory got corrupted due to some reason. This is the directory where iTunes store the songs & metadata about the songs. so if its corrupted iTunes will either copy 1-5 songs or none.

I made my phones itunes directory corrupted via deleting and recreating its some interal directory/folders. I searched the web almost a weak to get the solution but in vain. i upated my iphone os from 2.2 to 2.2.1 in try to remove the error. i though new os will again create the directory structure. But after completing the installation Itunes backup the songs with the same itunes_control structure. so all was like hell. i tought i lost my phone's song feature & should go to some expert or get my previous os back but after 15 days i got the solution and that was so easy that i laughed on me even you will.. just get a software like diskaid (www.digidna.net/diskaid/) got o itunes_control folder and rename it to some itunes_control_old.

First Screen:






Second Screen:







plug out and plug in, then start the Itunes.after connecting to the itunes, you will get the following screen

Select first option "set up as new iPhone" -> continue

Itunes will recognize it as new phone. it will recreate all the directory structure and will ignore the old itunes folder.

Now try to sync it. you will automatically get smile on you face when ituens starts copying the songs.
this article is also applicable to ipod touch, or iPods

Note: Itunes will create a new folder that will not have any of the your previous songs you need to sync it to copy all the songs again to the deviceRenamed folder still on device contains the songs & it occupies space,

You have two choice,

1. Cut paste that folder to the machine/computer (Choose if any of the song is not in your itunes, but only on the device(iphone/ipod), so that later on you can search it, but thats tedious process, because itunes renames the songs while copying to the device, so you have to play songs one by one to get to the desired songs.)

2. Delete the renamed folder, if you have all songs on you machine you can delete this folder. you have to remove that folder from the device using either of above two option, to clear the space from the device.

I wrote this article to save others' 15 day. if you like share it on (digg,fb,delicious,twitter)

Thx , comments are welcome.

April 12, 2009

firefox best extensions my experience

firefox is very innovative and free browser. Every body should try to use it atleast once. tab browsing, extension and speed are some of the factors.

out of these extension are very powerful feature. i m a developer so use many kinda of extension related to programming and normal browsing.

here some of my favorite extension reviews.

Gladder -> Gladder is very useful. it gives you option of 100s of proxies available in the world.
you just have to add the site you want to proxy in the list of sites.

suppose in office :) you want to access
simply add these sites in to the setting .


just click on the gladder icon , a ladder will be appear on the same icon. it means now you are using the gladder. so every site added under the gladder will be open using a proxy.
some proxy might not work. no issue. you can right click the gladder and choose change proxy. a new proxy will be used to display the same page. even you can un-proxy the current page.


here last icon is gladder.

here you will enter the sites you want to proxy.

FlashGot. You were just watching a video on youtube or dailymotion or any video on anysite. it took around 25 min to stream the video on your computer. now you liked the video and want it in you disk collection. but it will again take 25 min to download on your computer.

don't worry flashgot is here. when any video stream on the FireFox a streaming icon is displayed on your FireFox status just before the list of extension. after the completion of video just click on that. it will automatically download the streamed video to your disk without again going to the server.

above is also same for any mp3 files.

you can download all images including hidden one with just one click using flashgot.
and lot more. for more see the site.

Gmarks: for sync with the google bookmarks across browser. xmarks or foxmarks also good but with this you need another accound. to see existing bookmarks you need to go on to the website. so very time consuming process. that's why gmarks is good.

for web developers.

1. web developer toolbar. Its very useful having very excellent feature required by a web developer. a must one for any web D.

2. firebug. combination of this and web developer can save hours of your time in debugging and coding.

just have these wonderful addons and improved your productivity. eventually appraisals.

Apple iPhone Forum problem tricks.

hey this is the forum for iPhone lovers. so tricks helps, upgrading to the new software. reviews etc.

i am keen to have iPhone 3.0 for myself. It is going to improve dramatically. when every phone vendor is trying to catchup with this magnificent phone. Apple is setting new benchmarks for those. this 8, June iPhone 3.0 will be launched, hopefully job will do the honour, but that doesn't matter, who do that. thing is we need innovation in this niche market. Before iPhone had anybody put thought on that big screen, html browser, touch screen of this level. iPhone to have drawbacks that will be improved months by months.

so any body who want to tell something about iPhone. Feature problems anything. please do .... i will love to post that.
i recently found strange feature..

Put your complete finger on the top strip where speaker is placed.

iPhone will stop responding to the touch activities. is that strange. not, because that is feature build to avoid disconnect when you talk on your phone.

wanna screenshot of what you seeing. press home and button simultaneously , you will see a shot and that will be placed in your camera gallery.