April 27, 2009

Sync Google Calender with iPhone, outlook, blackberry using Itunes, Get Calender alterts through free SMS

Google calender is very effective and time saving tool. we can sync multiple devices including your smartphone using it.
you can sync outlook,iPhone,blackberry calenders very easily. Google support ics format which is an rfc standard(www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2445.txt), it helps it to synch with various devices.

Google and Outlook Sync :- Two ways to do this.
  • Manual
  • Automatically.
Manual :- In manual way you need to export the calender in to .ics format.
google calender will automatically do that for you in zipped format, just extract that.
Now go to outlook file->import export...
now a wizard will appear , select "Import icalender or vCalender file" , select the"ics" file it will import all the scheduleds to your calender.

Automatic :- you need to download this small utility approx 300kb from the following address.
  1. install it according to the instruction,
  2. Give your google username, password
  3. Set the option whether you want one way or both way sync
  4. set the interval in which you want to sync the calender
the tool will stay in your taskbar and sync the calender both way.

Google Calender,Outlook and IPhone Sync :- different ways exists.

1. iPhone can be sync with the outlook using the apple iTunes. so use the above steps to sync outlook and google calender then sync iPhone with the outlook using iTunes.
2. m.google.com/sync.

Google calender and Orkut. if you are using the Google calender. Orkut will automatically shows you a Orkut friends calender on your profile page. It contains the birthday of all of friends who's birthday are visible(you can also hide your bday on orkut). just click on it it will add the calender to your google calender.
There is no way to export this calender as its view only. but you can add the event from this calender to your calender. click on the event, a new window will open select "copy to your {calender name}" option from dropdown. Its tedious process because no bulk copy option is there.

SMS your event to Cellphone :- Yes you can. suppose your phone is not smart

enough to sync with the calender form google or outlook. But still you could be up to date using the sms notification option from The Google calender.
first you need to setup your mobile device click on setting just blow the name of your calender. you will see a option mobile setup. just follow the steps.
now click on dropdown as shown by A arrow in the snapshot and select calender settings and select notification tab as show in the Snapshot(ss). now configure it. Yes its free in my country(India). check your operator http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?answer=37226&ctx=tltp and confirm whether receiving sms are charged or not.

Sharing & embedding. You can share and import other's shared calender in your google calender. just click on the A dropdown as the pic and select share the calender. you can make it public or protected via sharing it to some of your friends. same way you can import calender of your friends for any public calender.

if any help required just comment

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