April 23, 2009

BookMyShow(online movie ticket booking site) issues.

BookMyShow (A network 18 Venture) is a popular and user Friendly site & i guess one of mostly used after PVR or equivalent. In past i booked many tickets when there was offer of free tickets :)
But technically its weak site. I found many glitches on the site.
Bug 1:
Tickets are available there But user see no ticket available.
With bug1 company can loose potential customer to other sites.

you can create situation where sites will have tickets, but users will see no tickets.

e.g Suppose Gold category has A-1 to A10, B1-B10,

1.Customer A comes to site at 1:00 he want to books 10 tickets and he select the tickets, the website now will not allow others to book those 10 tickets up to 12-15 min irrespectively whether he make the transaction or not.
he marks b1-b10 for booking.

2. Another customer B comes to site @ 1:05 and try to book the tickets for the same movie, same hall. he also want to book 10 tickets. He check that b1-b10 are not available but a1-a10 are available.

3. customer C come to the site @ 1:07 and try to book 5 tickets. he gets the msg that tickets are not available.

now customer though the tickets are not available. now he got two choices.
Either go to another booking site
Check another hall.
The same situation may be with other halls.

so he could spoil his plan to see the movie. so its loss for three entities.

Hall owner.

by chance if customer see tickets are available on other sites. What will be reputation of the site.

So with a little script anybody can show every user that tickets are not available for whole day. A small script or macro will do that.

Bug 2:
Even though bookmyshow allows you to book non-consecutive tickets when consecutive are available.
But when site does not have consecutive, it will not allow to book,Even the no of tickets are available. But site show a message that "tickets are not available please call the particular no. Customer may or may not call. So again tickets are available but customer is unable to book.

Other online movie ticket booking web sites:

Kyazoonga.com (Movies, Cricket, Events)
pvrcinemas.com(Delhi NCR,

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