December 29, 2008

This row already belongs to another table Exception in dataset, datatable,

Error / Exception:
This row already belongs to another table

This error occur when a row from a datatable is added to another dataTable.

as a row can only belong to only one table. so this exception occurs.
Source row may be selected using dataTable.Select() or find. or direct dtTable.Rows[0] etc.

in every case it will generate error. so to avoid this error.
You can use following to methods

1. add a new row in destination table and copy field one by one from source to destination.

2. using ImportRow
firsly clone the table.

DataTable dest = source.Clone() // it will copy the structure to the dest table.

now dest.ImportRow(dest.Rows[0]);

it will run sucessfully.

any doubt please comment

December 04, 2008

copy, transfer songs from iphone,ipod to pc/mac/laptop using widows & apple

Copying/transfer music|songs from apple iphone 3G,ipod nano,ipod touch,ipod classic, to desktop/mac and desktop/mac to iphone, sync and update your iphone,ipod using multiple computers
Itunes do not support the first feature to avoid piracy

"Not possible using ITunes' any version" you need some Itunes kind of software without restriction.

a lots of people search for copying data from iphone/ipod touch. so here is the solution.

a lot of good softwares are on net.
but some of the best one are following.

1. - I am personally using it for my Iphone. really cool- as i sync it with multiple machines, My office and Home.
it is very good free software to use. You can sync and copy songs without Itnues.
both free and paid version exist. but free one is cool as paid does not contain enough options to buy it.

2. - gave some problem on 2.2 firmware. so did't used.
it is also good.

3. Amarok
4. iMPware
5 Floola

just google above software you will reach the site and read the details.

now download the software,transfer copy music from ipod to computer|laptop.
Enjoy and thanks the devlopers of the software.