November 24, 2006

.Net Framework 3.0 & windows vista

Microsoft has launched .Net Framework 3.0 with coming Windows Vista.

and .net Framework 2.0 will only be available on following windows.

Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista

Other like 2000 will not be supported.

Vista comes with pre installed .Net Framework.

So you have to upgrade your systems if you want to use 3.0

September 02, 2006

Flash Ads Adword / Adsense

Google now allows Flash ads in adwords and adsense.
Maximum size allowed is Flash ads must be 50K.

That's very good because flash can increase CTR for publishers.
For flash no seperate tag is there it will be inplace of image means
image and flash will go random

August 20, 2006

Data Grid in

Data Grid in dot net is a very useful component. You dont have to mix your code in html table to represent your date in table format. Sorting paging is also provided.
having very useful features

we just bind data and it automatically make table format.
Details in next post. I am getting late.


August 10, 2006

A project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly.

A project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly.
In order to debug this project, go to the Debugging tab under Configuration Settings in Project Properties, and set the Start Action to Start External Program or Start URL. Alternatively, you can add a non-library project to this solution that uses a reference to this project and set it as the startup project.

Category: Visual Studio
Solution: A libray project can't be a startup project becoz it does not contain aspx page.
Problem is you have selected start up project a library project so when you run project vs try to run a libary which can not be run. So to remove this problem right click on the website-project under your solution and select "Set as startup project" now press f5 visual studio will not show you error now. for further query comment below.

August 07, 2006

Exception Handling C#

Exception Handling. Exception are common in programs like dividebyzero, nullreference, tns: timeout

What is exception handling:
Exception handling is structural way of handling the errors and exception.

How to use:
Exception are handled in C# using try, catch, finally optional is throw. The code that can throw exception is inserted in try block

int var=0;
int var2=10;
Catch(dividebyzeroexception ex)
//do appropriate action


//any connection close etc//

file close etc.

Catch block handled the exception you can do appropriate action when exception occur.
finally will exceute always whether exception occur or not.
so always place code that must exceute. like connection close;
whether exception occur or not we must close the connection.
possible blocks are:


//c sharp code

catch(OracleException ex)
//c# code,
catch(NullReferenceException ex)
//code: re throw with inner exception or message
throw ex;
catch(Exception ex)
throw new Exception("sql server insertion error",ex);

//Here Exception is catch at last because it is parent class of all the exception classes. so if any child parent relation ship exists between any of the exception, child will be catch above the parent.

Exception: because it is base class of every class. because it will catch all the exception if placed first and code not reachable compiler error will be there.
so if you have Arithmatic Exception and dividebyzero exception place dividebyzero
first then arithmatic exception. coz arithmatic will catch all the error related to mathematic calculations

try and finally can co-exist without catch block but only one finally can be there
//Following is error
{} finally


finally block will execute in both cases whether exception occurs or not.

and finally always executes.

for example if you put "return;" keyword in the try or catch, it will not create any problem in execution path, and code in finally will execute

You can post comments if any query is there.

Windows Vista gets hacked

Despite being touted as the most secure version of the Windows operating series,
Microsoft's upcoming Vista has already been hacked at a hackers' conference last week,
reports CNET
Microsoft handed out early copies of their new operating system to attendees at the

Black Hat hacker conference last week, inviting them to take their best shot at hacking into

August 06, 2006

The Microsoft .NET Framework

What is dot net.
Dot net or .Net is umbrella terms of all Microsoft technologies that are mainly for code sharing b/w different programming languages. like C#, Vb.Net Every Dot net language compiles to IL code( intermediate Lanuage). At runtime a runtime compiler JIT just in time compiler compiles the code into native instructions.

What is .NET Framework
The Microsoft .NET Framework consist of rich code library and CLR. Provide base for creating web application, windows application. Windows service, web services console application many more. Common Language Run Time provides basic
Garbage collection
Code security

What is IL.
Il or intermediate Language is Microsoft's new language. We did not work directly into this language. any program written in any dot net language is compiled to IL code. This is used for interoperability between different languages

What is C#
C# or c sharp sometime called c hash is Micosot's new language which target dot net technolgoy. It syntax is combination of C++ and Java. Every language is based on another language so is C# . It is improved version of C++ and Java language. for example B->C->C++->Visuabl C++->Java->C#


August 05, 2006

hash.web is denied

Problem:hash.web is denied

Description:Access to the path
ASP.NET Files\.. hash.web"
is denied.

description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the
current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about
the error and where it originated in the code.

exception Details: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path
"C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET
Files\hash.web" is denied.

This is actually occur when the hash.web is locked by indexing service.
when runtime access this file because of locking exception is thrown.

so stop the indexing service from control panel->administrator tools->services

and right click on indexing service and select stop.

Other if any antivirus (Norton etc),Google desktop or MSN desktop is running stop them also.

this will definitly solve the problem


August 03, 2006

object reference not set to an instance of an object

This exception occur when your are try to access a property,field of a object which
is not intialized to some valid value. Means it is null

or a dynamic object which does not exists

For example:

object a=null;


This will throw exception "object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Raj 1.1 Vs 2.0

The Big Story
An Overview of the New Services, Controls, and Features in ASP.NET 2.0

New data controls
Administration and roles
Personalization and themes
Coding and compilation options
Master Pages
Data Source Controls
Themes and Skins
New Controls
The GridView and DetailsView Controls
New in Administration
Membership Service
Login Controls
Role Manager
SQL Cache Dependencies
New Dynamic Compilation Model
Precompiling and Deploying Without Source
New Code Separation Model
Client Callback Manager
Validation Groups
Cross-page Posting
if any details required please comment.

August 02, 2006

Tyroo-Ad network

We have just finished our long running project. Tyroo-An Ad Network.
This is basically for persons who want to advertiser and person who want to earn money by enjoying Tyroo ads on his side.
We have competition with Google Adsense/Adword in this model.

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We have made this project from Heart.

Earn Money- Depends on Traffic/Clicks on your website.
We have very good system for fraud clicks.

You can get Very good CPC On Tyroo.
We have CPC model.

It is just one month old and 200 odd sites are publishing

Tyroo ads. A gr8 achievment of Tyroo.

Premier sites like Indiatimes,monsterindia, indiainfo,bhartmatrimony are some
to name.

I will be discussing Tyroo with you.
As we will got further

Cheers for Tyroo-Tech Team

April 28, 2006

What is dot net.

Dot net is new technology by microsoft for eliminate barrier of languages diffrence. Now different developer can work on same project using different language.
one is developing in c++ another and in java another in c#.


April 25, 2006

Letter from an OBC

Letter from an OBC
I was the topper of my batch and got through to medical college through all India entrance exam, till then I was known as a topper by my classmates but then came VP singh and mandal and since then I’m known as an OBC who also happens to be a topper.
I understand that every party wants to win election and hence would like to implement reservations everywhere possible so as to win election. Some want to implement reservation for muslims where as others want to reserve 50 % jobs in private sector. This has and will create great social disharmony which is detrimental to India. I have been on both sides of reservation debate and have some ideas which may be an answer to end the reservation game .

There are some fundamental flaws in reservations in it’s current form which if changed will /can lead to upliftment of real poor and simultaneously make the elite from reserved category think twice before they ask for more reservations-

1] There is no criteria for creamy layer for SC/ST hence
A]People like Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan fights from the same reserved constituency again and again and yet again but the really poor dalit cannot fight election from the same constituency as Mr. Paswan is fighting from the reserved category constituency.
B] A grandfather followed by a father followed by the son benefit from reservation but the real dalit remains dalit because as long as the elite dalits keep on hogging the reserved seats the poor will remain poor.
And what do these elite dalits do- ask for reservation in private so as to show the real dalits that they are doing something for them instead of asking for creamy layer in SC/STs. They teach the poor dalits that they’ve been denied rights but conveniently forget to tell that they have been shamelessly hogging the benefits meant for the real downtrodden.
2] A person can get reservation to get into engineering then again into MBA and then again into civil services so one person has benefited from reservation thrice when 2 other people could have benefited from these reservations making upliftment of 2 more families possible, but this greedy person(who is also a great proponent of reservation in it’s current form for obvious reasons, and strongly advocates reservation in private sector) denies them the opportunity hence actually oppressing them.
3] It should be a crime to fill in false creamy layer and if found out later the person’s degree/job should be cancelled.
4]Income tax returns of parents[both mother and father] should be essential along with a certificate of creamy layer.
5] Children of certain professionals should be made creamy layer without consideration of income as false certificates are quite easy to obtain [these professions could be IAS/IPS/Doctor/engineer/MLA/MP etc.]
6] There should be another commission to reclassify the castes-
In last 50 yrs. of independence Bihar itself has had an OBC chief minister for more than 15 years, so some castes are definitely not so oppressed any more.

I post these points in hope that some one somewhere will propagate these thoughts and hence one day the politicians will be forced to implement some of these ideas, if not all and hence begin the empowerment of real oppressed and end the demand of further reservations.Also there may be a day when the creamy layer OBCs/SC/STs themselves may ask to end reservation if they see that they are not getting benefit from reservations.

April 20, 2006

Is Linux ready to challenge MS Vista?

At the Brainshare Novell user conference in Salt Lake City last month the company flagged the summer launch of version 10 of its SuSE Linux Enterprise operating system for servers and desktops. The company is positioning its Linux offering as a less complex alternative to the Vista release of Windows.
Jack Messman, chief executive and president of Novell, said, "Microsoft's Vista is going to require a big migration and more end-user training, and it makes sense that corporations will look at desktop Linux as an alternative now."
Linux on the desktop has come a long way since Novell and Red Hat turned their focus on the needs of the corporate user. Delivering the kind of polish and user-friendliness required is changing the perception that Linux is the preserve of the bearded, sandal-wearing geek.
Gary Barnett, research director at analyst firm Ovum, said, "In 2003 the battle was between the suits and the sandals but in 2004 the suits took over. This brought a lot of confidence to corporate customers, many of whom are quite conservative.
"It is never a bad time to look at Linux, but the question is whether it has reached the stage where companies will like what they see. In the past year we have seen some important changes that make Linux more viable but, in my view, Linux is still not quite at the stage where the general customer will view it as a desktop alternative to Windows. It still has a few rough edges, but it is really very close to being ready for use within the enterprise."
One aspect of this new professional approach was demonstrated by Novell at Brainshare. During a keynote a series of pictures showed lab testing where first-time users were exposed to desktop SuSE Linux and its applications to discover where usability problems may lie.
This is something that Microsoft has been doing for many years and it has vastly improved Windows. In many ways Linux has a lot of catching up to do, but the past record has shown that the community learns fast - both from its own research and from Microsoft's example.
Red Hat runs similar tests and Gerry Riveros, product marketing manager for desktop client solutions, said, "The look and feel has to be similar to what everyone has been trained to use, but we are still trying to do something that is different because we are not trying to be a Windows clone.
"The differences come around security and the way we handle that and the way we handle manageability. If you look at the total cost of ownership for an enterprise, it is not so much the acquisition costs that is the big driver, it is the management costs for all the people involved - the systems administrators. This is where we have been focusing our efforts to really drive those costs down."
In the early days, using Linux on the desktop was seen as an individual's choice. The operating system and graphical user interface (GUI) had to be loaded on a computer-by-computer basis, and ongoing management was down to each user's preferences.
In the corporate world, centralised management is important in keeping costs down, and so we have seen the rise of Linux equivalents of Microsoft Systems Manager.
Red Hat has Satellite Server for bare-metal installation and hardware configuration, or Network Server for application roll-outs and client management. For Novell, these functions are contained within the Zenworks suite alongside features such as patch management and handheld device management.
The software suppliers are moving closer to the computer makers, as witnessed by Red Hat's long-established links with IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Dell.
Dell announced at Brainshare that it will be supplying a customised version of Novell's management system, Zenworks 7 Linux Management - Dell Edition, as an exclusive offering for Poweredge servers running Linux. Significantly, no similar announcement has been made for desktop Linux.
Laurent Lachal, a senior analyst at Ovum, said, "Suppliers like Dell will definitely not jump on to the bandwagon until it is mainstream. IBM may be first to move but it has been quite shy to do so in the past."
Security management is still developing in these packages, with Red Hat using Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and Novell open-sourcing its own project Apparmor.
SELinux has been developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) with the help of the Linux community. It is a policy-based application that confines each program's access rights only to files needed to complete specific actions. Novell's Apparmor works in a similar way, but automatically analyses how an application behaves, locking out any unexpected behaviour.
This means that much of the security is handled within the operation so that firewalls and anti-virus applications can be less complex than their Windows equivalents.
Linux is inherently more resistant to malicious code than Windows, but this is a contentious area and complacency is a dangerous attitude in IT. There is a wide range of third-party products covering firewalling and anti-virus protection from companies such as Check Point, SmoothWall, Firestarter, Computer Associates, Sophos, F-Secure, Trend Micro and Kaspersky Labs.
A major problem when considering Linux clients is the lack of application software. Even the suppliers admit that the best uses for Linux desktops are in the kiosk, basic office and specialist workstation areas.
Michael Silver, research vice-president at analyst firm Gartner, explained that the user interface for Novell Desktop looks a lot more mature than previous interfaces, but even though this may inspire more confidence it is not so important to a business.
"The piece that companies still have to realise when they start rolling Linux out is that it is still Linux. If they have Windows applications that the users need, they are going to have to do something about those. If they have browser applications that specifically require Internet Explorer, they are going to have some problems and need tweaks. If their users are heavy Office users, they are going to have to make sure that the new version of Openoffice is sufficient and can execute the macros that they need and displays existing documents with sufficient fidelity."
Openoffice has become the main Linux-based competitor for Microsoft Office and it is included with most packaged Linux desktops. It will display most Microsoft formats and the move to open XML formats as the default for the next version of Microsoft Office will only help interoperability - even though Openoffice favours a different XML schema: Oasis Open Document Format (ODF).
Novell has also co-ordinated the development of Mono, which allows Microsoft .net server and client applications to run on Linux. Mono is based on Microsoft's C# and Common Language Interface and includes class libraries for Linux so that .net applications can be made to run in a Linux/Windows cross-platform environment.
However, until all Windows applications are written to .net, the gulf between Linux and Windows will remain. Initiatives to encourage independent software suppliers to develop for Linux is starting to pick up speed, with Messman reporting that Novell has seen a rise from 40 partners during last year's conference to more than 1,000 this year.
Lachal said, "There are still quite a lot of applications, like Adobe Photoshop, which are mainstream applications but are not yet on Linux.
"Any major adoption of desktop Linux is still about two years away. The latest versions of Linux from both Novell and Red Hat are mature, but still lack the number of applications required and I think that, mainly Novell, will have to educate the channel to push the desktop - and that will take some time both from channel and applications development points of view."
Winning the battle to get the word out will still not be enough. Silver said, "Novell Desktop 10 is an important release in the evolution of desktop Linux. It has virtual private network clients which has been one of the most requested features by companies for a long time.
"It adds integrated search which makes it useful for knowledge workers. But it comes down to the application mix that the user needs to access and the degree of migration of applications that is required - the replacement of Windows applications with others. These considerations drive the costs up."
The hope was that Windows emulation would help bridge the gap, but now these efforts are being eclipsed by the availability of virtualisation software, primarily from Cambridge University's Xen project, which is being adopted by both Red Hat and Novell. This enables two different operating systems and their applications to be run on the same machine simultaneously.
Lachal does not buy into this. "What the enterprise wants to do is to standardise on one specific image of a system. They are not about letting users play around with two operating systems at the same time because that would be too complex."
The signs are there that Linux is maturing into something that can be as useful as Windows but is being seriously hindered by the lack of key applications. Anyone considering change should look at the bigger picture over the next two or three years as broadband internet is more widely adopted.
Barnett said, "Take a look at Linux every six months because it is changing fast. As we get into broadband internet and browser-based, on-demand services such as or NetSuite, you are no longer tied to a desktop, and that opens up all sorts of possibilities.
"Ironically, companies need to ask themselves where they want to go today. How do they want to interact with information technology? Where do they want to store their data?. How do they want to exchange data? Do they want to carry a laptop or something lighter?"
Whatever the future holds, whether that is sticking with Windows, experimenting with Linux or becoming platform agnostic in a browser-driven age, change is inevitable. Linux has become more than interesting, but less than irresistible.
Lachal summed up the situation, "There is not going to be a silver bullet that will make people want to switch to Linux. It is going to be slow. It is going to be hard. It is going to be costly. Novell's message that Vista's arrival will be a good opportunity to reconsider your strategy is not really something that is going to happen for most companies.

Boot Camp reveals that OSX is slower than Windows

Apple, might be finding out that the problem with having a dual boot alongside Windows is that users can compare both operating systems better.
According to Penny Arcade, the introduction of Boot Camp makes it a lot easier to benchmark what the two operating systems can do.
One of its hacks installed Boot Camp onto his MacBook, installed Windows and then World of Warcraft. To test how the two operating systems compared he ran WoW at 1440 x 900 with all the graphic settings on maximum.
It was barely playable of course but he managed to get a frame rate reading of 15 and 20 FPS under Mac OX.
On the same lap top under Windows and the same settings he managed to get between 35 and 40 FPS. This is a pretty big difference.
The reviewer said that he preferred using OS X, but it was a little difficult to justify when a game runs twice as fast under Windows

April 13, 2006

Microsoft Launches Competitor To Google Scholar

Microsoft Launches Competitor To Google ScholarThe beta version of Windows Live Academic Search lets users search the Web for journal articles, academic papers, and notes and slides from scholarly conferences. Apr 12,
Microsoft Corp. introduced a new Windows Live Academic Search lets users search the Web for journal articles, academic papers, and notes and slides from scholarly conferences in computer science, electrical engineering and physics.
The search effort between Academic Search, industry association CrossRef and more than 10 publishers connect users to primary research material. CrossRef, a nonprofit group, operates a citation-linking platform allowing researchers to legally access millions of articles and other content from several hundred scholarly and professional publishers.

Academic Search will source journals from the Association for Computing Machinery, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Reed Elsevier and Wiley & Sons. Reading more than the abstract, however, requires a subscription. The initial beta for the service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia.
The tool for researchers, students, librarians, and journalists narrows searches to specific interests. There are plans to add journals from medicine, psychology, history and art in phases following the initial launch.
Academic Search supports OpenURL, the library standard used for linking to subscription-based content via the Web, and Open Architecture Initiative (OAI) protocol to index OAI-compliant repositories. For example, Microsoft has indexed the content in Microsoft also provides a list of the journals and source indexes. Functions also include the OpenURL standard to allow users to click on the link in their library Open URL to determine their access to the full text.
The site competes with Goolge Scholar and SciFinder Scholar, which cover a broad subject range.

Google Launches Google Calendar

Google Launches Google Calendar

Google today launched a new Web-based calendar service that will let users add meetings and events using their own words. Dubbed Google Calendar, a beta version of the service is live and available here.

In development for 'several months,' the service initially will be integrated with Google's Gmail e-mail service, according to Carl Sjogereen, a Google product manager. (Go here to read what Harry McCracken, PC World's editor in chief, thinks of the new service.)
Bloggers have been speculating about Google's possible entry into the calendar space for more than a year, and some believe that the search engine giant's involvement could spur a flurry of Web calendar development.
'I sure as hell hope they do it,' wrote Yahoo engineer Jeremy Zawodny in a February blog posting last year. 'There's been so little innovation in the world of on-line calendars these last few years. Perhaps Google getting into the act would finally change that.'
Long-term Plans?
Google's Sjogereen was circumspect in discussing the company's plans for Google Calendar. He declined to say what, if any, connection the project might have with the office productivity suite that Google has backed, but he hinted that Google Calendar could be integrated with things like Google's personalized home pages. 'Gmail is the main integration point for now, but you can imagine integration with a number of other Google properties,' he said.
Gmail and Calendar to Work Together
Gmail will take advantage of one of the most interesting features of Google Calendar, its ability to understand language and to quickly create calendar entries. "We do our best to determine whether you're talking about an event that's being added to your calendar," Sjogereen said.

Google Calendar users will be able to create new events directly out of their Gmail messages, or they can also use a feature called QuickAdd in order to add appointments using natural language, typing "lunch with pat noon Friday," to create a new calendar entry, for example.

Once events are created, Google Calendar can send out e-mail invitations to other participants and send event reminders and change notifications to the Google user.

Share With Others
But setting up a personal calendar is only part of the picture. Google Calendar will allow users to search for and then subscribe to publicly available calendars--the schedule of a local baseball team for example--and then integrate that information into their own calendars.

Google Calendar, which will support the iCal data exchange standard used by a number of groupware products, will also let users share their calendars with others using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) syndication technology.

Finally, Salman Khan gets bail

Bollywood actor Salman Khan got bail on Thursday after spending two nights in a jail here on charges of killing a chinkara, a protected species of gazelle.

The chief judicial magistrate's court in this Rajasthan town had sentenced Khan to five years' rigorous imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs.25K on him for poaching a chinkara at the Ghoda farm near Jodhpur on.

April 10, 2006

Dillon Died

Punjabi singer Kulwinder Dhillon (32) died in a road accident on the Phagwara-Banga road, near Behram village, yesterday night.

According to sources, the accident occurred when the Honda City by which Punjabi Singer Kulwinder Dhillon and his friend Baljinder Billa were travelling, went out of control and collided against a roadside tree.

Punjab has lost a a wonderful singer to this car accident. Dear to the heart of many, and loved for hits like 'Kacherian Ch Mele Lagday' and 'Paya Lengha Sheshian wala, boliyan'.

Kulwinder Dhillon had just released an album titled Akhara about two days ago. His other albums are "Gareeba Ne Ki Pyar Karna," "Teri Tasveer," Glassi Khadke," "Viah De Vajey" and several Dharmik albums. He has left behind a wife Gurpreet Kaur and son Armaan Dhillon.

January 30, 2006

C# , Dot net Tutorial

we are making best tutorial for this

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