August 18, 2009

World All country City,state list database,dropdown excel csv

I guess a lot of people search for this list and very less get successful finding the list. I also required world's all Country and corresponding City or states for binding the drop down from sql server one of my project. i searched a lot and finally found a very good list, with the approved codes etc. you can use Ajax or anything after importing it to your database in required format in you any of oracle, mysql, access, sql-server, postgresql.
here's Updated link.

above link is for download, below link is for details of various terminologies used.

on the page you will get list in various acceptable formats from

  • txt
  • CSV
  • excel
  • mdb. 

as there is no just download latest file which is on the top of the list and import it to your database.
its very detailed and informative list even got longitude details, district, state, city. so you can drill down to very depth or very less according to your requirements

my best to share the information as far as possible.

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August 13, 2009

Migration / Conversion from Oracle to Sql server

As .net developer sometimes we need to work on heterogenous databases. like Oracle, MS Sql 2005/2008, posgresql, mysql etc. This document is only about Migration from Oracle to Sql server and vice-versa. Both databases come with features those are vendor specific .
Oracle’s stored procedure language, PL/SQL, has many features not supported in Transact-SQL (T-SQL), the stored procedure language of SQL Server, and even where similar features exist, the languages contain many syntactic and semantic differences. To migrate a PL/SQL object that uses a feature that has no T-SQL counterpart requires that that capability be emulated in T-SQL using the available features.

Stored procedures/Functions.
Data types
Null Handling
Temporary Tables

all have diffrent syntax in both databases.rather than copying i am providing some good links for migration.

if still any doubt or problem just comment and tell me, i will try to resolve that.

August 11, 2009

JailBreak, Unlock iPhone 3GS and old 3G.

iPhone unlocking and jailbreaking is the lingo used in while making iPhone to use other Network and insalling iphone apps from stores other than Apple app store.
let me explain these two terms

JailBreaking : Breaking the phone software jail. so that it can install apps from diffrent stores other than app store.

Unlocking: as i phone comes with a specific provider lock. to break the lock so that i can be used on other GSM network, called unlocking..

from the very first phone called IPHone 2g, jailbreaking and unlocking are the common terms.

iPhone 2g-> 2 years back Zibri launched the ZipPhone, a very good unlocking and jailbreaking tool. very userFriendly tool, but he didn't release the software after the 2g and 1.1.4 os verson. and sold his blog to somebody (

iPhone 3g -> Iphone 3g came with 2.0 software with many secruity against unlocking and jailbreaking. But iphone dev team broke the security and released the tools for both mac and windows os. tools name were
Mac: PwnageTool
Windows: QuickPwn
it requires two mandatory files..
bl39.bin 3.9 BootLoader
bl46.bin 4.6 BootLoader
they vary according to your iPhone and os.

Iphone 3GS -> With launch of 3gs apple released 3rd version of Os ie. 3.0 and third hardware device. Now when you talk about 3gs. we always talk about 3.0 version operating system.
now unlocking and jailbreaking has been categorised as following.
iPhone 2g with 3.0 or 3.0.1
iPhone 3g with 3.0 or 3.0.1
iPhone 3gs with 3.0 or 3.0.1

The first jailbreaking of iPhone 3gs having 3.0 os was released by "George Hotz"( a teenager hacker). You can download the tool from which was release by above hacker.
After that Iphone dev team also released some version to break the phone.

August 08, 2009

CHM file(book) error, not displaying content

Sometime when you download a chm help file or chm book from internet, or copy it from any usb drive it does not open or when open does not show any content.
this is actually security problem. Windows does not allow chm files to open.

Solution: right click the file->properties. at bottom of proper you will see a button unblock. click that button. it means windows will now not block the opening of the file. User marked it safe for opening.

Secondly: copy it to another folder/another drive or desktop and then try to open, sometimes it works.