August 13, 2009

Migration / Conversion from Oracle to Sql server

As .net developer sometimes we need to work on heterogenous databases. like Oracle, MS Sql 2005/2008, posgresql, mysql etc. This document is only about Migration from Oracle to Sql server and vice-versa. Both databases come with features those are vendor specific .
Oracle’s stored procedure language, PL/SQL, has many features not supported in Transact-SQL (T-SQL), the stored procedure language of SQL Server, and even where similar features exist, the languages contain many syntactic and semantic differences. To migrate a PL/SQL object that uses a feature that has no T-SQL counterpart requires that that capability be emulated in T-SQL using the available features.

Stored procedures/Functions.
Data types
Null Handling
Temporary Tables

all have diffrent syntax in both databases.rather than copying i am providing some good links for migration.

if still any doubt or problem just comment and tell me, i will try to resolve that.

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