August 18, 2009

World All country City,state list database,dropdown excel csv

I guess a lot of people search for this list and very less get successful finding the list. I also required world's all Country and corresponding City or states for binding the drop down from sql server one of my project. i searched a lot and finally found a very good list, with the approved codes etc. you can use Ajax or anything after importing it to your database in required format in you any of oracle, mysql, access, sql-server, postgresql.
here's Updated link.

above link is for download, below link is for details of various terminologies used.

on the page you will get list in various acceptable formats from

  • txt
  • CSV
  • excel
  • mdb. 

as there is no just download latest file which is on the top of the list and import it to your database.
its very detailed and informative list even got longitude details, district, state, city. so you can drill down to very depth or very less according to your requirements

my best to share the information as far as possible.

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asp said...

Hi... This link is not available.. Please send me any alternate link..

Anonymous said...

Matin Kazi said...

I want list of all countries->states->cities