June 30, 2015

DXA aka STRI - My Tiny step in Tridion (SDL Web) Reference implementation.

What is in name? as told by a Great Author and a famous community Builder

STRI - SDL Tridion Reference Implementation: Tridion development is usually considered complex and time consuming, also there is learning curve understanding bits any bytes of it. so few Tridion MVPs came together and developed this MVC based solution to make Tridion development bit easy and fast. STRI provides lots of modules out of the box,  which  are usually required for most of the sites.

In under-hood it uses DD4T as default, but you can extend and create your own custom framework if any and use it instead. so all the template work which usually take more time, which includes DWT/Razor, C# tbbs etc, can be developed in MVC with ease.

DXA - Everything is same just a rename. so new name is Digital Experience Accelerator

Each individual community framework and modules,used in DXA, should be supported by their respective owner or community (wherever applicable.)

Note: You might be thinking its just an DD4T. as i mentioned above  DD4T is just another module in DXA, but yes big module along with other useful modules and features e.g
  1. Google Analytics
  2. Solr Search using SI4T framework
  3. Language Selector
  4. XPM Ready, Yes your site is XPM ready from start, no longer  phase 2 stuff now :)
  5. Navigation and breadcrumbs
  6. Image Resizing
  7. Responsive Design using bootstrap

...Many more...

sample site comes with lots of modules integrated for reference. just install and diggit.

Download DXA/STRI