August 20, 2007

Indian startups

I get to know about various Indian startups.

these includes search engines (, like giant Google, but also contains local search engines that cater to our local market includes justdial etc. Networking sites bigadda, youthcurry may be threat to Orkut very soon in India and abroad. Also meravideo Indian version of you-tube. More to go.

After Hotmail, no technical product invented from india, that made a global presence and luer others to buy it. as Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft with hefty amount

Try these wonderful site and please promote Indian startups globally.

July 04, 2007

Save Tree: how to take print out on both sides

command to take print out: Ctrl+P then following kind of box will be displayed. click of to print.
this is normal procedure to print. but if you want to save paper and print on both side of it procedure is following.

A step to save trees, How to take print - out on both sides.
The screen shot are taken from microsoft word. you can use it in internet explorer too.
try to use, you will have to carry less weight as less papers are there.
1. File-> Print..

2. ----------


Notes can be printed on both sides

June 18, 2007

Save Earth: How to set Monitor to Auto turn-off mode

Earth : how to set Monitor to Auto Turn off mode.

Go to Desktop -> Right Click -> Properties

now select "screen saver" tab -> select power button,

you will see a drop-down of "turn-off-monitor" and select minimum time poosible.

-> pressing any keboard key or mouse button will turn it on.

screen shots:

1st screen:

Second: click on power on last screen followin will appear

select appropriate minimum time. in "turn off monitor"and "system stand-by"

will not shutdown or loss your data, System will consume less power.

you can save 2 hrs power daily.
if possible turn-off monitor when not in use.
please pass it to everyone..

June 14, 2007

Tyroo is rocking with 1000+ publishers

May 29th, 2007 – Delhi - Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd, the largest Indian internet advertising network has crossed the 1,000 publisher mark on 29th May. Tyroo has now the widest and most diverse network of publishers, which gives advertisers a one-stop window in reaching out to its audiences.

Tyroo’s prominent publishers include big names like Shaadi, Naukri, Oneindia, Santabanta and many other big names, along with several hundred smaller publishers like blog owners, user generated sites, who all earn considerable revenues through their partnership with Tyroo. Several large advertisers such as Microsoft, Tata AIG, HSBC, ICICI etc are currently using the Tyroo network to reach out to these publishers and in turn, fulfill their ROI goals.

“Our publishers can be broadly divided into 45 categories such as Entertainment, Sports, News, Education, Finance, Travel, Matrimony and Real Estate among others, which give an advertiser a great targeting option to showcase his advertisements to specific audiences most likely to respond. The targeting is working well which has resulted in our biggest clients coming back to us. Our Biggest clients have been with us since Tyroo’s inception. Many of our successful campaigns have been giving CTR (Click Through Rate) double the Industry standards (2%).” said Aditya Khanna, Business Head, Tyroo Media Pvt Ltd.

Meanwhile, these 1,000+ publishers are earning substantial monies without having to bear the cost of having their own sales forces. Thus publishers are able to focus more of their resources in creating content, while leaving the monetization to ad networks such as Tyroo.

"The fact that Tyroo has managed to achieve this in such a short span of time indicates the potential that Tyroo has, and the future ahead for it. Tyroo is going to be big; this is just the launching pad. We have invested over 2 years to develop a highly robust in-house technology that helps our partner publishers earn more from advertising through a proprietary optimization technology and help our advertisers target their customers through multi dimension targeting , commented Manish Vij, Chief Business Officer, Smile Interactive Technologies Group.

for further-:

E-bay drops Google Ads

On Monday, Google announced it would throw a party in Boston on Thursday evening designed to attract eBay merchants who would be in town to attend the eBay Live annual seller conference.

The purpose of the party: protesting eBay's decision to forbid merchants in its marketplace from using Google's Checkout online transaction system.

So, Internet auctioneer eBay has pulled its U.S. search ads from Google, a stunning move by one of the search leader’s largest AdWords clients

eBay is one of the largest buyers of Google ads and a standard Google search for “iPod,” “shoes,” or “DVDs” normally pulls up paid links to eBay. But as of Wednesday, those links had vanished, though they did appear on rival Yahoo.

The spat between the two Internet giants is a sign that Google’s push into more industries—including online and offline advertising, media distribution, and web-based software—is creating all sorts of conflicts for the Mountain View, California-based company. Google was sued by Viacom over copyright of videos on YouTube, and AT&T and Microsoft have protested Google’s planned acquisition of online ad company DoubleClick.

eBay’s conflict with Google began last June when Google introduced its Checkout system. eBay has refused to allow Checkout to be used on eBay’s sites, saying that Checkout is still unproven.

June 05, 2007

Ganpat - Shoot Out at Lokhandwala - Mika

Song in Shoot Out at Lokhandwala Lyrics.. Ganpat o Ganpat... Mika once again in controversy.

he is abusing Aishwarya Rai and Bipasa Basu. he saying dono jaha marzi ja kar marwaye also saying bad words like chu***.

These types of songs are telecasts on TV.

Should Be banned.


February 26, 2007

Linux, Java, Dot net interoperability

Now following is possible

Invoking an EJB from C#, VB.NET

Building a Linux Communication Server for Windows Forms in C#

ASP.NET applications that run on Linux and other Java-enabled platforms, without having to learn a new development language.

Yes guys you can have bridge b/w java and dotnet. a technology developed by Main soft

so interopere b/w java and dot net.


Enjoy the new world of programing.

February 01, 2007

Windows Vista Launched

Windows Vista finally launched. Vista was known by its codename Longhorn.
These release of window come more than five years after the release of its predecessor, XP, making it the longest time span between two releases of Windows.
some of the most significant include an updated graphical ui and visual style Windows Aero, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as Win DVD Maker, and completely redesigned n/w, audio, print, and display sub-systems.

Microsoft's primary stated objective with Vista, however, has been to improve the state of security in the Windows operating system.
it has replacement for Outlook Express that includes a completely replaced mail store that improves stability, and enables real-time search. It has the Phishing Filter like IE7..

Many More... Try Beta. Or loose your pockets.