June 05, 2007

Ganpat - Shoot Out at Lokhandwala - Mika

Song in Shoot Out at Lokhandwala Lyrics.. Ganpat o Ganpat... Mika once again in controversy.

he is abusing Aishwarya Rai and Bipasa Basu. he saying dono jaha marzi ja kar marwaye also saying bad words like chu***.

These types of songs are telecasts on TV.

Should Be banned.



Anonymous said...

Yes is should be banned, movies should have vulgarity,

Abusing actress is too bad things, May be Vivek hate Aishwarya.


Mandeep said...

Yes it affects a lot and hurts the sentiments of the people who gets abused.... This really should be banned but still there are lots of young guys who enjoys this kind of stuff a lot........


Anonymous said...

In response to the first poster...you can't say "Vivek hates Ash" because Vivek is not even behind the lyrics. I'm pretty sure actors have any association in the creation of a Bollywood. Well, some do but it's pretty rare.
I do think it's quite vulgar and should've been banned because it doesn't matter if "times are changing" or not. But at the same time, some may say the lyrics fit the characteristics and personality owned by Vivek's character.
And on another note, Raj, can you really say it's all Mika's doing? You need to check who the lyricist was and thus you'll create a judgement on the right person. Mika just sings the song.


Raj said...

dear pooja, i respect your sentiments. he could deny to sing the song. why did he sing?