May 25, 2009

Data Privacy issues in FireFox,Chrome when using Gmail

Checking Gmail on the Firefox and Chrome browser is not safe in terms of your data privacy. Yes. To explain it Firstly let me tell you how Gmail display your message.

Gmail Working: When you open any email in the browser it display the subject as the Title of your browser. so whenever you open a new message a new title is generated same as subject of your email message.

Problem:Firefox and Chrome browser save the Title in the History of the browser. So when you check a mail its title is saved in the browser hitstory, so anybody can know about your mails.

So to keep intruder at the bay, whenever you check any private mail in , browser center(cyber cafe) and shared computer, do not forget to clear the history and saved data.
otherBrowsers: Internet exploer, Safari and Opera just save the URL not title so they are safer then the these two. but do not take any risk clear your history/saved data whenever you leave any shared computer.
"Any suggestion or add on are welcome"