September 24, 2008

Just Chrom(ing).

I heard about the chrome on 2-sep-2008. I read full 37 pages chrome cartoon books. I was really waiting for at least two of the features that chrome has brought.

1. It was tab moving, Moving one tab to another window without losing state.

2. Avoid crashing of whole browser when a tab consume memory or malfunction.

3 Status bar comes when needed not reserve you screen area.

4. It increased my screen estate area now it is bigger.

5. Spell checker it there( I think Mozilla too have with plug in)

6 When u hower a link it display link bottom-left.

speed is very much same as Safari 3.1.

Missing Features:

1. I am still missing some of my productive firefox plugins that tell me about the pagerank, alexa-rank, my google bookmarks etc.

2. enable/disable javascript option

3 enable/disable images option.

it is out of beta now.

Will google be next evil?

Google itself says "Don't be evil", Is It true? let us find out.

Google, for some people Internet start with this name. it is buzz name in the Internet industry or dot com industry. Google is trying to capture each and every section of dot com. main businesses are following.

Search (killer)
Social network.
Online office
Lang converter
Browser (new)

Google also has search database of people.
Google has been acquiring a lot of companies till date more than 50 companies.
[Link: copy to you browser]

Is it a threat to start-up companies?.
Recently Pressmart(Indian company) spurned the Google bid. It was really a bold decision by PressMart.

"Nobody is evil, but it is the power that make them evil". So company who will have monoply in every field , what are the chances of that? i think anybody having little knowledge about internet can answer the question.

September 01, 2008

MS Certification HelpLine No

Ms has provided some helpline links related to certification Help:
BSNL : 18001021100
Bharti : 1800111100

Email : mcphelp(at)

any help..... just put a comment.

clustered vs non-clustered Index sql server

Question: difference between clustered and non-clustered Indexing,

following are some compiled differences list. May be useful for you.
if useful & more info to add please comment if anything wrong please criticize

1. Only one clustered and 249 nonclustered indexes.

2. Clustered index can be on primary key and other.

3. If you don’t want to create clustered index on primary specify it.

4. SQL Server determines whether to use an index by examining only the first column defined in the index. For example, if you defined an index on FirstName, LastName and a query is looking for LastName, this index would not be used to satisfy the query.