September 24, 2008

Will google be next evil?

Google itself says "Don't be evil", Is It true? let us find out.

Google, for some people Internet start with this name. it is buzz name in the Internet industry or dot com industry. Google is trying to capture each and every section of dot com. main businesses are following.

Search (killer)
Social network.
Online office
Lang converter
Browser (new)

Google also has search database of people.
Google has been acquiring a lot of companies till date more than 50 companies.
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Is it a threat to start-up companies?.
Recently Pressmart(Indian company) spurned the Google bid. It was really a bold decision by PressMart.

"Nobody is evil, but it is the power that make them evil". So company who will have monoply in every field , what are the chances of that? i think anybody having little knowledge about internet can answer the question.

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SG said...

It's not only the monopoly one should be concerned about. It's the information about billions of people hosted on servers in locations completely unknown to the public. Everytime you're signed in to a google service and perform a search, this particular activity is being associated to your account. Additionally, by using Google Talk every chat you're doing might be recorded (even if they say they resprect your privacy; who knows for sure). By the end of the day, google knows more about you than you'r girlfriend/wife.

Believe me, there will be a day in a not so far future, where your profile suddenly pops up at the next job interview: "So, Mr Anderson, you've been searching cracks for copyrighted material on more than one occasion, didn't you? And your little adventure with Katy is still a secret to Linda, your wife?"

See, what I mean. "Don't be evil" is just a cover: Don't appear to be evil" would fit better. Google is not the nice guy from across the street.