September 24, 2008

Just Chrom(ing).

I heard about the chrome on 2-sep-2008. I read full 37 pages chrome cartoon books. I was really waiting for at least two of the features that chrome has brought.

1. It was tab moving, Moving one tab to another window without losing state.

2. Avoid crashing of whole browser when a tab consume memory or malfunction.

3 Status bar comes when needed not reserve you screen area.

4. It increased my screen estate area now it is bigger.

5. Spell checker it there( I think Mozilla too have with plug in)

6 When u hower a link it display link bottom-left.

speed is very much same as Safari 3.1.

Missing Features:

1. I am still missing some of my productive firefox plugins that tell me about the pagerank, alexa-rank, my google bookmarks etc.

2. enable/disable javascript option

3 enable/disable images option.

it is out of beta now.

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