September 01, 2008

clustered vs non-clustered Index sql server

Question: difference between clustered and non-clustered Indexing,

following are some compiled differences list. May be useful for you.
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1. Only one clustered and 249 nonclustered indexes.

2. Clustered index can be on primary key and other.

3. If you don’t want to create clustered index on primary specify it.

4. SQL Server determines whether to use an index by examining only the first column defined in the index. For example, if you defined an index on FirstName, LastName and a query is looking for LastName, this index would not be used to satisfy the query.


Jayant said...

very very good details. thanks a lot Mr Raj.

Sujit said...

Is it also applies for the sql server 2005 and Sql server 2008.
can you also give details.

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Pranav Sharma said...

Excellent, You have given a clear picture of Cluster and Non-Cluster Index.