July 18, 2008

I am now MCTS,MCPD

I cleared my MCPD exam last week. I enjoyed the learning, learned a lot of new things.
the main benefit i got are

Understanding the different new concepts that usually do not come in practice.
but if you know you will like to use it in the regular programming.While reading the MS self paced book i got clear view of

Asynchronous Programming(Really cool)
Monitoring and deploying apps
Visual studio's different testing capabilities.

now thinking to strong my sql server skill by MCITP
which include two exams 70-331, 70-441,first one is prerequisite for second one.

i just downloaded the books those are very informative.
How to pass the microsoft certification

Microsoft retiring Some exams be careful

Fee structure of MCTS MCPD

Microsof exams center in your city

Questions, passing marks, Duration


Priya said...

Hi Raj...
Really thanks for the systematic way you have explained how to get certification.I have around 3 years experince in .net.Now i am in US looking for job.I am having a confusion,like to take MCTS on 3.5 or MCTS 2.0.How many years will this 2.o will b supported by MS.I saw one thing too TS 70-536 is commom for 2.0 and 3.5 framework.And if i am taking microsoft 3.5 i will have to write 70-536,70-505(Windows)and 70-536,70-562(Asp.net).So wat u will suggest me to take.I will appreciate ur help reallyy.Thanks in advance.Plz plz respond to me fast....

Priya said...

Hi Raj...
Can u plz answer this. i will have to write 70-536,70-505(Windows)and 70-536,70-562(Asp.net) for 3.5.These are the correct one rite???.I am luking for 3.5,in microsoft site it is said that Ts 70-536 is common,and the new book is also there,if ur writing 2.0 study only 2.0 part and if ur doing 3.5 study only tht part.am i right.Pz answer me rite or not..

Raj said...

Hi Priya, sorry i am bit busy in some problems, just give me 1-2 days more. i will answer you. you have to wait just for 2 days.


Raj said...

Dear Priya,

70-536 is same for 2.0 and 3.5. as 3.5 using same FCL of .net 2.0 and provided new feature like WCF etc. 70-536 is about core Api exam e.g thread, generics, security, serialization etc. these are same for both version. you have to give 70-536 only once. then your windows or web exam.
for further information. check this


Priya said...

Hi raj,

Really thanks for ur help.I was in a gr8 confusion,had no one 2 ask abt it and while searching net i came across ur blog,now problem is solved.Nice work,it really helps people and solves all their queries.Keep up the good work.Thanks for ur help again

nanu said...

Raj i too was confused abt the certification got clear idea abt it when i when through ur dot certification detail site..thanks ur doing a great job

My question is which will be better as per company requirement MCTS 2.0 or MCTS 3.0 as 3.0 consist of WCF,WPF ....

ganapathy said...

Hi i want to do MCP certification ...Is it Still available or outdated..i think it is the starting point right


currently i am working in bpo i m seeking a career in it field thru dot net give me some idea for microsoft certification and for sharepoint


currently i am working in bpo and i m seeking a career in it field thru dot net and write microsoft certification giv me some steps to it mail me @ jagkarthik@gmail.com or call me at 9600320328