July 01, 2008

iPhone 3G

Finally on 9-jun-2008, Apple kicks the butts of iphone 2.5G users with the launch of cheaper 3G with Maps and many more features. Apple usually do this as on first 3-4 months after launch it was sold over $500 then dropped the price and 4gb version. With the recent launch of new version it surprise the users and market.
I also felt the heat as only two months ago i spent $430 on device. Its now a like a black box in comparison to the 3g one. Following are the changes.

Price difference:

8GB ---- 16GB
Old $399 ---- $499
3g $199 ---- $299


Hardware: -- Software

GPS -- Better Email Management
3G -- Contacts Search
Flush Jack(any headphone) -- Email Attachment Support
Battery Life -- Mobile Me(sync features,$99 subscribe)
Multi-color(only 16gb) -- MS exchange sync
Hard Buttons -- Improved Sdk.

Software changes will also be available to the old users free of cost.

Still it lacks:
Bluetooth Transfer
IPod's quality on Speakers phone.
Phone quality (as not mentioned by apple about improvements)
Video Recorder
Audio Recorder
Camera Quality still same

It also made a threat to the market leaders like black berry and Nokia in enterprise phone market as with $199 we can call it gPhone not Google its Gareeb-Phone (poor people Phone).

Lets wait 10 days and see the reviews.

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