July 18, 2008

Microsoft retiring,closing old exams

March 31, 2009 Ms will retire the following exams, so please don't go for these.
This is microsoft's policy to close the exams.

• 70-300
• 70-310
• 70-315
• 70-316
• 70-301
• 70-305
• 70-306
• 70-320
• 70-728
• 70-729
• 70-330
• 70-340


Anonymous said...

I just read your comment about certain exams retiring and you you asked us not to attempt these. Please could you explain why you wouldnt want us to write these exams? Wouldn't they have their weightage after they retire??

Anonymous said...

Can I write one exam multiple times. If I scored badly in the previous exams

sangee said...

i like to do Dotnet Certification.Really i dont have any idea where to start with and which exam to take..can u pls provide guidance for this.

Raj said...

hey Sangee, just read my posts on the certification, you will have enough knowledge... after reading if not clear , just post a comment i will get back to you


Anonymous said...

I just want to know which .NET certification exam is comparatively better for future..or job.?

Raj said...

Go for .net certification 4.0 for future.. As next year .net framework 5.0 framework is launched. so doing 4.0 make sense. and with 4.0 you can upgrade to 4.0 in future.

microsoft usually release new .net framework version in two years. almost sync with new windows version. windows 2012 is also due in 2012.