October 06, 2008

postgresql-npgsql-array pass-error-invalid Syntax integer

something users want to test the function/procedure in npgsql postgres PL/pgSQL from command rather than from dot net program

sometimes could get the error:

"invalid input syntax for integer:" it means some assignment problem is there.

how to call a function passing a array.

select * from insert jet_map(387::int4,array[1,2,5]::int4[],array['1245,128','697638,697643','45,78']::varchar[]


Rajesh R said...

Hi Raj, Really a useful blog. I am going to do MCTS now. Is there any syllabus?. Boz all the materials are in .NEt FW 2.0. I want to right the exam on Feb 09, is the same .NEt FW 2.0 or .NET FW 3?.

Raj said...

just buy the MCTS book of microsoft press .All the syllabus is from that book. curretly 2.0 is mostly used framework. But companies slowly moving to 3.5.
As 3.5 is an add-on to 2.0 framework. so 3.5 exam will have extra questions to cover the new topics like linq etc.