August 20, 2007

Indian startups

I get to know about various Indian startups.

these includes search engines (, like giant Google, but also contains local search engines that cater to our local market includes justdial etc. Networking sites bigadda, youthcurry may be threat to Orkut very soon in India and abroad. Also meravideo Indian version of you-tube. More to go.

After Hotmail, no technical product invented from india, that made a global presence and luer others to buy it. as Hotmail was purchased by Microsoft with hefty amount

Try these wonderful site and please promote Indian startups globally.


Anonymous said...

what about the website
I guess it can be added to the list as well?

gursharn said...

I liked, rest are bit copy cats

Anonymous said...

Online classifieds are also getting increasingly popular, what are your views on these sites:

Raj said... is also interesting.

Rahul said...

Hey Raj. Thanks for the mention.