August 02, 2006

Tyroo-Ad network

We have just finished our long running project. Tyroo-An Ad Network.
This is basically for persons who want to advertiser and person who want to earn money by enjoying Tyroo ads on his side.
We have competition with Google Adsense/Adword in this model.

Click Here to reach Tyroo.
We have made this project from Heart.

Earn Money- Depends on Traffic/Clicks on your website.
We have very good system for fraud clicks.

You can get Very good CPC On Tyroo.
We have CPC model.

It is just one month old and 200 odd sites are publishing

Tyroo ads. A gr8 achievment of Tyroo.

Premier sites like Indiatimes,monsterindia, indiainfo,bhartmatrimony are some
to name.

I will be discussing Tyroo with you.
As we will got further

Cheers for Tyroo-Tech Team


Punjabi Munda said...

Ya i find it really very good.
Balle balle. i firstly found it on indiainfo which i usually access.


Anonymous said...

It will beat Google


Anonymous said...

your company is scam...
plzzzzzzz don't try tyroo..
they have no ads & when they publish ads,they don't pay for it