August 03, 2006 1.1 Vs 2.0

The Big Story
An Overview of the New Services, Controls, and Features in ASP.NET 2.0

New data controls
Administration and roles
Personalization and themes
Coding and compilation options
Master Pages
Data Source Controls
Themes and Skins
New Controls
The GridView and DetailsView Controls
New in Administration
Membership Service
Login Controls
Role Manager
SQL Cache Dependencies
New Dynamic Compilation Model
Precompiling and Deploying Without Source
New Code Separation Model
Client Callback Manager
Validation Groups
Cross-page Posting
if any details required please comment.


Anonymous said...

i had already MSDN. It is really a great site. Hey if any techie is reading it.

Anonymous said...

thanks good listing.. Can Visual Studio 2005 used for .net version 1.1 or i need the visual studio 2003 for that.