August 06, 2006

The Microsoft .NET Framework

What is dot net.
Dot net or .Net is umbrella terms of all Microsoft technologies that are mainly for code sharing b/w different programming languages. like C#, Vb.Net Every Dot net language compiles to IL code( intermediate Lanuage). At runtime a runtime compiler JIT just in time compiler compiles the code into native instructions.

What is .NET Framework
The Microsoft .NET Framework consist of rich code library and CLR. Provide base for creating web application, windows application. Windows service, web services console application many more. Common Language Run Time provides basic
Garbage collection
Code security

What is IL.
Il or intermediate Language is Microsoft's new language. We did not work directly into this language. any program written in any dot net language is compiled to IL code. This is used for interoperability between different languages

What is C#
C# or c sharp sometime called c hash is Micosot's new language which target dot net technolgoy. It syntax is combination of C++ and Java. Every language is based on another language so is C# . It is improved version of C++ and Java language. for example B->C->C++->Visuabl C++->Java->C#


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