April 12, 2009

Apple iPhone Forum problem tricks.

hey this is the forum for iPhone lovers. so tricks helps, upgrading to the new software. reviews etc.

i am keen to have iPhone 3.0 for myself. It is going to improve dramatically. when every phone vendor is trying to catchup with this magnificent phone. Apple is setting new benchmarks for those. this 8, June iPhone 3.0 will be launched, hopefully job will do the honour, but that doesn't matter, who do that. thing is we need innovation in this niche market. Before iPhone had anybody put thought on that big screen, html browser, touch screen of this level. iPhone to have drawbacks that will be improved months by months.

so any body who want to tell something about iPhone. Feature problems anything. please do .... i will love to post that.
i recently found strange feature..

Put your complete finger on the top strip where speaker is placed.

iPhone will stop responding to the touch activities. is that strange. not, because that is feature build to avoid disconnect when you talk on your phone.

wanna screenshot of what you seeing. press home and button simultaneously , you will see a shot and that will be placed in your camera gallery.

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