April 22, 2009

How consolidate different Rss Feeds Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes - a good hosted service. Its not very popular. But its very useful. 
it was started in 7/feb/2007. Its graphical user interface to
 aggregate rss feeds,atoms, cvs, xml,  web pages, and others. it allows you to  creating web apps from various sources

A lot of filters and option exist there to filter the feeds for particular keyword, author. you can sort, remove, filter and add.

e.g you want feeds from various feeders or site. but want to remove duplicate or article having particular description
Yes, you can do with the pipes

2. you want to add some your information to a particular story. Pipes can do it.

3. you want to add photo from the flickr to a particular story. Yes you can do it.

4. you can filter articles using regular expressions.

5. you can limit the no of output articles.

6. you can filter articles of particular date.

7. you can get input from the user for dates or any keyword

you can create small sites using pipes or could add various good articles and sources to you website , increase in traffic.


A awesome practical example : using google and yahoo pipes.

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