April 20, 2009

Use iphonse as USB external storage for copying/storing files

iPhone got very big storage space like 8gb/16gb/24gb. 24 gb ipod or upcoming Iphone :) as rumour says.

i used to carry my kingstone 4 gb pendrive. and also used to though how to utilise iPhone storage space. i search a lot and got some solution like wifi file transfer using some ftp. but did not like it. as you do not get it everywhere the configuration problems

then i come across diskAid. with it you can copy file to iphone/Ipod and from it to the computer disk. it comes for both windows and mac.
DiskAid is a freeware for PC / Mac which enables to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as external Disk. With DiskAid you can transfer files and folders via USB between your device and your pc
it can be downloaded from "www.digidna.net/diskaid/"

if your phone is jail-broken then only above utility is enough.

if you do not want to jailbreak your contractual phone. just spend $5 and purchase fileaid (www.digidna.net/fileaid/) its from same vendor.

with above tools you have 24gb space in your pocket. use it. Another reason to buy Iphone

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