April 12, 2009

firefox best extensions my experience

firefox is very innovative and free browser. Every body should try to use it atleast once. tab browsing, extension and speed are some of the factors.

out of these extension are very powerful feature. i m a developer so use many kinda of extension related to programming and normal browsing.

here some of my favorite extension reviews.

Gladder -> Gladder is very useful. it gives you option of 100s of proxies available in the world.
you just have to add the site you want to proxy in the list of sites.

suppose in office :) you want to access
simply add these sites in to the setting .


just click on the gladder icon , a ladder will be appear on the same icon. it means now you are using the gladder. so every site added under the gladder will be open using a proxy.
some proxy might not work. no issue. you can right click the gladder and choose change proxy. a new proxy will be used to display the same page. even you can un-proxy the current page.


here last icon is gladder.

here you will enter the sites you want to proxy.

FlashGot. You were just watching a video on youtube or dailymotion or any video on anysite. it took around 25 min to stream the video on your computer. now you liked the video and want it in you disk collection. but it will again take 25 min to download on your computer.

don't worry flashgot is here. when any video stream on the FireFox a streaming icon is displayed on your FireFox status just before the list of extension. after the completion of video just click on that. it will automatically download the streamed video to your disk without again going to the server.

above is also same for any mp3 files.

you can download all images including hidden one with just one click using flashgot.
and lot more. for more see the site.

Gmarks: for sync with the google bookmarks across browser. xmarks or foxmarks also good but with this you need another accound. to see existing bookmarks you need to go on to the website. so very time consuming process. that's why gmarks is good.

for web developers.

1. web developer toolbar. Its very useful having very excellent feature required by a web developer. a must one for any web D.

2. firebug. combination of this and web developer can save hours of your time in debugging and coding.

just have these wonderful addons and improved your productivity. eventually appraisals.

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