May 26, 2011

Dot Net Certification framework 3.5 to 4 upgrade Details: Microsoft 70-521,70-522

New Framework, New Certification. I guess Developers are designated to be punished:).
Anyways Article is about .net 4 certification.

Certification of framework 3.5 will be in next 1 year.
Framework 5.0 is underway.

So if you want to go for any .net certification it should be 4.0

if you are earlier certified developer you need to go through upgrade exam.

Upgrading from MCPD 3.5 Certification to MCPD 4.0

MCPD are of two types.
1)MCPD Web
2) MCPD Windows.

One exam Required

 MCPD: Web Developer -> Those who wanna do web MCPD

 MCPD: ASP.NET Developer 3.5 or MCPD Enterprise Application Developer 3.5  -> Exam 70-523:  Upgrade: Transition Your MCPD .NET Framework 3.5 Web Developer Skills to MCPD .NET Framework 4 Web Developer

MCPD: Windows Developer -> Those who wanna do Window MCPD

MCPD: Windows Developer 3.5 or MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5  ->  Exam 70-521: Upgrade: Transition Your MCPD .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Developer Skills to MCPD .NET 4 Windows Applications Developer

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nirmal said...

i have completed my computer engg. and i want to go for Microsoft certification exam for .NET framework 4.

can anyone guide me, which exam should firstly given by me ?

what is Prerequisite 1,2,3 mean?