May 21, 2011

Three mistakes of Steve Jobs life : Rise of Microsoft

Three Mistakes of Steve Paul Jobs, Which caused Rise of Microsoft as largest software vendor, now windows has eighty percent of monopoly and large base of developer who develop for Windows.

1) Macintosh's Prototype to bill gates: Apple firstly invent LISA then created a MAC and mistakenly displayed that to Bill Gates. Bill Gates saw future in the MAC, as Microsoft was also pursuing interest in OS but their team  failed to create such impressive GUI like MAC, Bill Gates persuaded Jobs to give him the prototype via showing   big dreams, He said to  Jobs that Microsoft will create software for MAC. Jobs could not see ill will of Bill as that time Microsoft was very small as compared to Apple. But he realized his mistake very soon when he launched Windows with GUI.

2) Mac Cloning: Apple started give rights to clone the mac via ROM chips only in 1995, ROM chips contains MAC os APIs etc. Any manufacture can create a clone of MAC via using the licensed ROM chips from MAC. Motorola and many other created bit expensive clone of MAC. On returning back to Apple, Steve stopped this business.
                   Had the apple started it in 80s, they could have hold on developer community, Which develop software for windows, real power of MS. Apple do have developer community but not that much, including IOS developers.

3) Over-priced MAC: Apple is now most valuable company in technology after success of IOS devices and App Store, they are getting developer community now, But mac seems over-priced, if they still want more developer they should reduce the price of mac. Windows machine cost around 15-20k, and Notebook starts around 25k. MAC is almost double price though hardware configuration is higher, if we compare same configuration machine price then diff of 150-200$. but that comes for price of style, but not all want style. apple should reduce its prices by $100.
                                They already have captured mobile market, but to get the desktop community above is very required
4) He did not take Cancer seriously and choose medicines rather than operation. He might be alive today, if have chosen operation on medicines

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