July 05, 2009

Nokia n97 review, not even stand near iPhone

Nokia n97 launched user review
Last week i previwed the most hyped Nokia n97 with great eagerness. But my eagerness came to halt even after using it two minutes. n97 is just new wrapper on existing 5800 eXpress music phone with a physical keyboard, processor speed increased a bit from 369 Mhz to 434 MHz. Same 128mb Ram. n97 is very sluggish like 5800.
User Interface is not smooth at all and not that much clear. It is stated as iPhone killer, but seriously it will be insult of iPhone to compare to that. I am not obsessed with the iphone, but salute the innovation. A physical keyboard inclusion is good, but not worth to buy this $700 device. if you really want to possess a Nokia smartphone of current benchmarks. wait for the company to release some worthy device.

Suggestion : Do not BUY......... Palm - PRE is good option.

User Interface : **
Innovation : *
Speed : **
N/W Strength : ****

Other Phones in this category that you can consider, top to bottom priority wise..

Iphone 3GS OR Palm-Pre (multi backgroundn apps)
Iphone 3G
Black berry Storm 2 (Yet to launch)
Samsung Omnia-2 (Yet to launch )

HTC and other windows phones still have miles to go before they come to comparison.


Mani said...

Thanks buddy - I am agree with you. I am going to by iPhone 3G S as soon as it is launched in India.

cheap ds r4 said...

What is the price of iPhone 3G S in india ? Please help me.

Raj said...

buddy, 3gs yet to launch in india. only 3g available. but in gray market you can buy it 25k around.