July 21, 2009

web 2.0 and aging metrics (Page views and unique visitors)

In modern era(web 2.0). When businesses are trying to create RIA (Rich Internet application) that give them experience of desktop application, rich user experience in turns more users; when there is continuous fight b.w Adobe, Microsoft to be front runner in the RIA ( flash vs silverlight).

I am always surprised when "Page Views" is still considered as a major metric while deciding the ranking or effectiveness of sites.
According to my experience two major companies still advocate page-view matrix, so the businesses around the world follow them, and create web 1.0 (term for old app) application. In the list of companies Alexa & Google is also a name, who's wonderful adsense tech is ages old to support the web 2.0.

I think this matric should be discontinued or should be substituted with a new one that will pace the internet application development. because only then companies will think out-of-the-box. I really admire Facebook for their wonderful interface, its very very user-friendly and don't care about the page impression/view. You can check your profile and wall very quickly so its saving your time too. comparatively out of age Orkut, which still believe in the page view. you have to spend a lot of time to check your scrap,pics etc. but i guess facebook got success because of user friendliness. Facebook is ahed but orkut could have more page views.
All the sites above google, yahoo, msn adnetworks should come up with new matric to give better view of site use.

"No of Unique Vistors" -> This is also a metric but i don't see its effect in near future. As all browsers chrome, safari, Internet explorer, FireFox, are coming with stealth mode(private browsing) . When you browse in this mode no cookie or history is maintained. so to track unique visitor will be a challenge. so tracking unique visitor is going to be challenge.

As all the metrics were defined Pre-Ajax (web 2.0) era. Now i guess its time to move on from these.
All the major companies Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & various ad-networks must come up with new metric to give new spark to the web 2.0 and Internet. Because page views are also significant measure of ads performance.
One of the effective metric is time spent on site.

i just posted my personal thoughts, if am wrong somewhere please correct me thanks.

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