July 18, 2009

Google not supporting web 2.0 ajax

Google :( naam to suna hi hoga :). Yes it has reach to 70% of internet users. it revolutionized the internet(search). But when industry is running toward web 2.0 (wiki). Now purposed 3.0.
then why Google still not supporting Web 2.0?

what is the exact reason behind it?
Yes Money $$.

Money to Google is Ads. And AdS (AdSense) in the Google are not Ajax supported.Google discourages/ penalties on use of "ajax refresh ads". Ads comprises 94%+ revenue of Google.
As various sites on internet today built for business revenue, ADS. so when we talk about ads on internet Adsense is the name that strike most.
So people develop their sites in view of AdSense , so they have to make sites with the ages back format i.e without use of Ajax.
So at one side Google is helping internet & other site not.
so its pushing us ages back with that old aged "refresh-on-each-click" model.
  • Search page old fashioned.
  • Orkut old fashioned.
but surprisingly G has something for its own Gmail. Gmail send ajax request and refresh the ads.

I wrote this, as i was planning to work on a site, but was in dilemma.

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