June 05, 2009

Search mails, attachment, contact at blazing speed in Ms Outlook using Xobni

In the job almost everybody is using Microsoft outlook client for the mails. But searching mails is very painful and if you want to search for a attachment you will struck you head in the wall. But don't worry Xobni(reverse of INBOX) is here.

XOBNI is an free plugin to the Microsoft Outlook. It index the mails, attachments,
address in so nicely format that you will love it. When you select an contact, it shows all conversation, files-exchanged, related contacts. You can search content of your mails at blazing speed, yes i know Outlook search and indexing sucks. But this plugin will make your life very easy.

As on top of screen shot you can put any string and xobni will search all the mails very quickly.
Even you can browse the contact information from various social networking sites and skype.

Suppose you need to search a attachement from a particular contact. In normal search it is really difficult. using Xobni you just need to select the contact all the attachment till date from that particular contact will be displayed in the lower section of the xobni window. you can watch it , save it and using that attachment directly open the original mail.

for very detailed information. see URL: http://www.xobni.com/learnmore/

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