December 08, 2017

Whats up SDL

SDL Web 8.5 was last major release by Sdl around start of this year. This year has been very challenging in IT for everyone. SDL ranked as Challenger in Gartner's magic quadrant. Sdl sold its  non-core products: “Social Intelligence, Campaigns, and SDL Fredhopper to focus on core.

SDL is working hard and there are number of changes happening under the hood, and impressive Roadmap.

Lets start with Major change:

SDL Tridion DX

SDL rebrands SDL Web to SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Knowledge Center to SDL Tridion Docs, and "Tridion" is back and i am so happy like any other community member.

SDL Tridion DX combines SDL Tridion Sites (WCM) and  DITA-based Structured Content Management (SDL Tridion Docs) and translation technology supported by artificial intelligence (AI)

Check Press release for more information on above

Graphene UI: is awesome, Check this Future UX & UI blogs to check the impressive work that is happening. I am impressed!!

GraphQL services: GraphQL will be replacing OData services.

Integration & connectors: As per connector strategy SDL is developing connectors for lots of products, tools and services.
e.g Sales force marketing cloud, Marketo, Microsoft dynamics, Experience Regions, SDL ETS on AWS and many more eg. Image Editing with in CMS

Salesforce Community Cloud integration: this is just released check out.(updated after release)

DXA Form Builder Modules:

Form builder is always requested by clients but SDL gets X in the capability matrix, , but i just to get know Niclas Cedermalm from SDL just released form builder DXA module with name "Alpaca Forms", Also its open source. I am writing it here for community awareness. i will write a separate blog on it. It currently supports DXA 1.7 more supporting version later.

HTML5 forms module is based on Twitter Bootstrap and Alpaca.JS which uses JSON and inturn used to generate form on Delivery side.

Forms are CMS component like any other component and can be added to pages. End Points can be configured to APIs. Customization is also possible as you can write your custom code to pass data to required ice. The Forms DXA module also comes with a built-in controller that can send form data to different endpoint such as DB, e-mail and CRM.

SDL is redesigning the whole experience for personalization and it looks very promising.

Prescriptive Personalization:  this is based on predefined  rules by author.
Adaptive Personalization: Machine language based personalization. 

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