December 20, 2017

Tutorial for Tridion Powershell commands

In my last blog post, i demonstrated the setup of Powershell for beginners. Now i will discuss more commands of Tridion Powershell.

List of commands: following Power shell command will return all the commands available in Tridion Powershell module.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-Command -Module Tridion-CoreService

  • Clear-TridionCoreServiceSettings
  • Close-TridionCoreServiceClient  
  • Convert-TridionApplicationData  
  • Get-TridionUser - there is also Get-TridionUsers which is not listed by get-command
  • Disable-TridionUser             
  • Enable-TridionUser              
  • Get-TridionApplicationData      
  • Get-TridionCoreServiceClient    
  • Get-TridionCoreServiceSettings  
  • Get-TridionGroup                
  • Get-TridionGroups               
  • Get-TridionItem                 
  • Get-TridionPublications         
  • Get-TridionPublicationTarget    
  • Get-TridionPublicationTargets   
  • Get-TridionPublishTransaction                
  • New-TridionGroup                
  • New-TridionItem                 
  • New-TridionPublication          
  • New-TridionUser                 
  • Publish-TridionItem      
Lets try few of the commands to unleash power of Powershell 

Above command it will list all the publication details with lots of additional information.  You can also filter the the number of fields to show and in nice format. below example show just Title, Id and PublicationType.

User Based Operations:

To get all users those are not currently active. PS module make is very easy to fetch those details and take action if required. Firstly all the Users are fetched then filtered on rows, then on columns respectively.

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-TridionUsers | where  {$_.IsEnabled -eq $false} | select Title, IsEnabled, Description

Title                                                                 IsEnabled Description
-----                                                                 --------- -----------
SDLDEVCMS\rkum                                                      False Raj Kumar

Enabling all the disabled users at once:

Get-TridionUsers | where  {$_.IsEnabled -eq $false} | Enable-TridionUser

otherwise if you just use Enable-TridionUser command, you have to pass one by one to enable/Disable the users

Publish Transactions Operations:
To get the status of transactions, you manipulate the results on various parameters

Following command with list out all the failed transactions in publishing queue. 

Get-TridionPublishTransaction | where {$_.State -eq "Failed"} | select Title, Id, State

List out tranactions grouped by State

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-TridionPublishTransaction | Group-object State

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