November 30, 2017

Content migration from Gather Content to SDL Tridion

Content Migration Automation in SDL requires use of custom code written using Sdl Core services. Core services are set of APIs which helps in ingestion of data in to CMS system. But i have found people writing repetitive code to ingest data into CM.

Its not as complex as Elon Musk reusable Rockets. I mean its not rocket Science.

So write code to interact with SDL once, and use that to deploy the payload into required system.

Here is the process:

Gather Content:

Instead of getting content into excel or world, having content in Gather Content gives lots of advantages.

Gather content tool provides very simple and intuitive interface to enter the content and images. it allow collaboration, simple workflow, activity trails and CMS like interface. Collecting data from various users becomes very simple.

GC comes with direct import feature for various CMS, but Tridion is not yet supported.

Content Export:

After getting content into GC, its must be exported, there are multiple ways you can export the content,
- Export to CSV


Adapter is system which converts above exported content into required format, this would be typically Schema format of  SDL component. This is little tricky but not that complex, Little  complexity is involved when dealing with linked component is required. Output of adapter is set of Xml files and config files which provides other required information for component to ingest.

Migration Tool:

Your organization should have this tool which accepts Content as XML and config files and ingest the content into system. As this tool is already tested and proven, so ingestion should be smooth if your adapter has created files well formatted.

In this way you can speed up the content migration part

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