December 15, 2016

Packaging an SDL DXA Custom Module

SDL has provided good API's to develop an DXA module. I have recently published two modules

  • JwPlayer Module
  • Social Connect/Login Module (updated)
Though creation of module is of medium complexity but packaging of module is also not easy. so i had hard time initially packaging a module. 

Packaging essentially means providing CMS and CD part in one zip file with respective power-shell scripts to automate the installation on CMS(via calling core Service) and deploying the necessary files on the website. 

CM Part- CM part is where building blocks along with required components, content porter package is created. it has three parts

  •  Import Export folder - Where SDL provided Dlls and powershell scripts are kept which helps in importing the module.
  • Content Porter Package -  To Export content porter package
    • Do not select dependencies
    • Select all required component and pages at website publication only, with setting select folder and all children. in this way only small package with required items will be created.
  • Custom Export Power shell script
    • Download some existing DXA module
    • Take script of that
    • and do required modifications
CD Part - 
  • Copy your Area and respective views
  • Copy required dll into Bin folder
  • Use existing power-shell script from some module
  • if you have custom setting like. web.config to update etc. then write the required power-shell script. refer my social login module for that. 
now try above and zip it for delivery.

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