November 29, 2016

Topology manager Tips and Tricks

While working on Web 8 from last 7 months i have few tricks to share

Register multiple Url for single websites : While in development here are various scenarios where we need multiple domain url for the website.

e.g Mobile testing, as we mock the url using IIS host entry, but it does not work on Android and IOS very well, so we have to test on IP on those devices.

Another case when multiple CMS developer working on their on their own DXA copy and they need separate URL for developer's local websites.

With following command you can register multiple Urls for same website.

 PS C:\Windows\system32> Set-TtmWebsite -id Website1 -BaseUrls 
"", ""  

Change Topology Manager database: I changed my VM machine's Server name and suddenly Tridion stopped working. now i have to update server name everywhere in the system from CM to CD. it took me 2-3 days to find out all the instances where Server name was referred.  but still i could not figured out topology manger database reference, then after wasting lots of time i figured out TM's connection string with server-name is embedded in the web.config in encrypted form.

Use following commands to change server name/database of Topology manager. take backup of the web.config file of your Topology manager website, and decrypt it using following command then change the connection string and encrypt it again.

Take backup of your config first

Decryption command
 C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319>aspnet_regiis -pdf "database" "C  
 :\Program Files (x86)\SDL Web\TopologyManager\web"  

Encryption command
 C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319>aspnet_regiis -pef "database" "C  
 :\Program Files (x86)\SDL Web\TopologyManager\web"  

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