October 14, 2016

SDL Web 8 & DXA Installation - CM

To install typical DXA and Web 8 copy , following are the essential steps.
  • CM Installation
    1. Database setup (run database Power-Shell scripts)
    2. CMS installation (run the execute table file)
    3. Configure Topology Manager (First we need to install the CD services)
  • CD Installation
    1. Install all the content delivery services (windows service).
    2. Registered these capabilities into Discovery Service using Discovery Service registration command.
  • DXA Installation on CM server 
    1. Import DXA into the Content Manager
    2. Publish the Example Site (or at least a minimal set of Content Manager items) to get the Web site content into the Content Data Store from where it can be retrieved by the Web application on page request
  • DXA Installation on CD server
    1. Install/Host DXA web application by running the PS script and once done run the site to see the page renderings.
    2. Check Pre-requisites here for CMS
  • Setup Machine
    1. Get ready with a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64) and logged into it with your Content Manager Administrator User.
    2. .Ensure that you have installed MS SQL Server 2014 or MS SQL Server 2012 R2 SP2.
    3. Create an MTS User – Preferably with Admin rights else we can choose it to be under normal User group under your domain system. 
  • DB Installation 
    1. Open Windows Powershell by right clicking as choosing “Run As Administrator” 
    2. Navigate to SDL Web8 Installation media path in Powershell – .\SDL_Web_8\Database\mssql
    3. Databases to be Created
      • Content Manager Database 
      • Topology Manager Database 
      • Content Data store/broker Database 
      • Discovery Service Database 
      • Preview Session (XPM) Database 
Note: Last three databases share same schema ie. Content Data Store.
  • Content Manager Installation 
  1. Navigate to the SDL Web Installation Media and run SDLWeb8 executable by right clicking and choosing “Run as administrator” 
  2. Wizard will prompt for selecting the required components. 
  3. Next the setup will shows you all the missing prerequisite which SDL Web must have to work properly – o accept to install these missing prerequisite: 
  4. Once the prerequisites are all installed, you need to provide details of your MTS User: 
  5. Enter the details of Content Manager DB as created in earlier step 
  6. Enter the details of Topology Manager DB as created in earlier step 
  7. Next enter the Environment ID – It is typically to identify your CM instance in case of a scaled out and/or load balanced environment. For a standalone environment, you can leave it default: 
  8. for next step of wizard enter requested information and done with the installation.
Restart your CM Server after installation and enjoy the updated User-Interface.

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