October 07, 2011

Advice: Jobs for Freshers, engineering students, MCA

Struggling for job in IT

here are few tips which may help you.

1) Get contacts of your college Alumni, so have friendship with your seniors in college, go to Training & placement officer and ask for numbers.

2) Try contacts from your relative who may be working somewhere.

3) To get placement in small company (8-25) employee company, you should have working knowledge of asp.net, c#, SQL. Develop a website on e-commerce. it will explore different aspects of asp.net

4) Try through some HR Agent. they can put you in some company based on some contract, thing is you just need a break. so get into whatever company is it and start getting experience as well as motivation. after getting experience of 1 year. you can try another company. Min 1 year is needed. now at 1 lots of small company hires, but less small companies.
after completing 2 years ocean of jobs opens to you. MNCs majorly hires people of 2 years experience.

5) If you want only big companies as your comm-skills and analytical skills are good. you can give a try to C-DAC course. A lot of middle level companies hire at C-dac centers.

if you need any kind of help in above steps or any other just comment below. i will try to answer ASAP.

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