September 25, 2011

Debug XSLT XSL transformation in Visual studio.

In Visual studio XSLT transformation can be performed and debugged in very nice way, i come to know this feature when my altova Xml spy license was expired and i was searching desperately for a tool which can show me live transformation ie. debugging. It is best alternative to Altova XML SPY if you already have VS license.

Steps to debug xsl transformation.

1. Open Visual studio 2010.
2) Do not create any project or file, Just drag xml file and xslt file into the Visual studio.
3) Now place break-point in the xslt file.
4) Press Alt+F5 or alternatively select from menu debug->"start XSLT debugging"
5) It will open dialog box and ask for xslt file, just select the xslt file( i know you have already opened it , but do it )
6) Now transformation has been started , you will see the debug point has been hit.
7) Now press F5 to complete the transformation, 
8) Out will be shown either adjacent to XML or XSLT file

Visual studio 2010, alternative to Altova XML Spy

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