August 01, 2011

The server has rejected the client credentials in WCF

"The server has rejected the client credentials"

i have a WCF serviec which is running on my localhost on 9876 port.

i was using nettcp protocol for my WCF windows service, and in client(from which you are hitting the service, say another website or another web service)it was having following entry in config file


<endpoint address="net.tcp://Something:9876/RajService"

 binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="TCPBinding_abc"

 contract="RService.IR" name="RS" />


the problem here is instead of localhost (or where my service is actually pointing) 

i was using "Something" and "Something" do not have any entry in the host file.

i changed it to localhost:9876 and this error was resolved.

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