April 30, 2008

iPhone experience

Last week i purchased an Apple iPhone. Its security needs to break (Unlock) to run any other network other than at&t so i did. now i am running it on Airtel (Garv se bolo "Hello").
As it is from Apple it is very Innovative. I am damn fan of its tapping and finger touch technology. It is far away from any other high tech phone in market. but one thing it lacks in its phone features mean calling , alarm , speaker phone, network strength are not of very good; Nokia is the master of these features you can't beat Nokia in calling and network strength features. So for these features Apple need to do a lot of work. like me Sergy Brin is also a fan of iPhone
see this.

iPhone lacks in following:

Network strength
Speaker phone
camera zoom features
no Video

Iphone is master of:

User Interface (Greatest feature main reason to buy)
Camera Quality (if picture taken from close.)
built-in iPod (obvious)
Browsing (awesome no phone currently give u such experience)
and third party tools that can be installed on iphone after jail-breaking it.
Photo browsing.

Popular apps on iPhone

Google Maps (great)
Track Ball (Control your computer)
Terminal (like unix)
safari (a full featured browser on this little device)
youTube downloader
stock and weather (from yahoo)
chat tools.

you can use iphone as a remote of your pc & mac using
trackball app (vnc server required on pc you connecting to )

You can also develop apps but for that prerequisite is mac. Because sdk available is only for mac.
i wanted to start it. but i don not have mac.

legally apple does not allow installing third party apps. but hacker community broke the security just after the release of iPhone.

There is rumour that apple is coming with next generation phone(3g) very soon it might be a unlocked version.

In India it will launch in 3rd quarter of this year possibly with Vodafone

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